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Babrius and Phaedrus Fables by PerrySources to fables are many and translations differ for the same fable in these different sources. In an attempt to make some sense of this Ben Edwin Perry published a survey of Greek and Latin fables in the Aesopic tradition in his Aesopica, published in 1952. That survey was published in Latin and Greek to be consistent with the original fable collections but an English version of the index to the survey was published as an appendix to the Loeb Classical Library Babrius and Phaedrus Fables which was translated and edited by Perry. The index numbers found listed below and throughout this site are consistent with the Perry survey.

If you wish to study fables in more detail the Perry Loeb Classical Library book is highly recommended as one source. I purchased the book and find it quite interesting and useful. You can get it from through this link: Babrius and Phaedrus (Loeb Classical Library No. 436) [Note: Affiliate link. If you buy through this link I will be paid a small percentage of the price.]

Annotated Index With Links

001 Eagle and Fox. An Eagle and Fox befriended each other. The Eagle, hungry, brought a Fox kit to her young. The Fox was delighted when some hot meat burned the Eagle’s nest.
002 Eagle, Jackdaw, and Shepherd. Don’t take on more than you can accomplish. A Daw saw an eagle carry off a sheep and tried the same trick. The daw could not do it and got caught. Ouch.
003 Eagle and Beetle. Beetle begged an Eagle for a favor. Rebuffed, Beetle destroyed Eagle’s eggs no matter where they were laid. Now Beetles sleep while Eagle’s eggs hatch.
004 Hawk and Nightingale. A nightingale gets caught by a hawk and pleas for life because he is such a small bit of a meal. Too bad. Yum, yum.
005 The Athenian Debtor. (A debtor tries to sell a pig and greatly extols its virtues.) Not linked yet
006 The Goatherd and the Wild Goats. A goatherd put his Goats with wild Goats and prized the wild and so fed them better than his hoping they would stay. They did not and his Goats suffered.
007 Cat as Physician and the Hens. The Cat played the part of a doctor and called on ailing birds. The Cat asked how they were and the birds answered they would be better off without the Cat.
008 Aesop at the Shipyard. (Aesop tells a tale of Zeus draining the sea by drinking.) Not linked yet
009 The Fox and the Goat in the Well. A Goat and Fox went into a deep well to drink. Neither could get out alone. The Goat was talked into helping the Fox who then left the Goat on his own.
010 Fox and Lion. Familiarity breeds contempt. A fox learns how to be comfortable around a lion. Other fables say to take care.

011 The Fisherman Pipes to the Fish. A Fisherman played music to draw Fish but none came. Once he caught some they danced to his tune because they were under his control.
012 Fox and Leopard. A leopard was bragging about the beauty of his spots when a fox came up saying how much more beautiful his mind was. Neither liar really won.
013 The Fishermen. (Fishermen find their net full of stones.) Not linked yet
014 The Ape boasting to the Fox about his Ancestry. A Fox and Monkey passed a cemetery. Monkey told the Fox these were ancestors. Fox pointed out this was a likely story but nobody there could refute it.
015 The Fox and the Grapes out of Reach. A fox tries to get grapes to eat but cannot. The fox goes away in disgust saying he didn’t want them anyhow.
016 The Cat and the Cock. A Cat caught a Cock for a meal but first asked for excuses as to why it crowed so early. The Cock answered it was to help man. The Cat wasn’t impressed.
017 The Fox without a Tail. A Fox lost his tail in a trap and tried to get fellow foxes to trim their tails. They saw through the ruse.
018 The Fisherman and the Little Fish. A caught Fish pleads for life but the fisherman says no with no certainty of another.
019 The Fox and the Thornbush. A Fox fell into a Bramble and was cut. The Fox cursed the Bramble who them chided the Fox for being so careless as to fall into the Bramble.
020 Fox and Crocodile. (A Fox mocks a Crocodile because of its skin.) Not linked yet

021 The Fisherman and the Tunny. (Fisherman gets lucky when a Tunny jumps into the boat.) Not linked yet
022 The Fox and the Woodcutter. A Fox sought and was granted shelter in a home. Huntsmen asked about the Fox; the owner denied seeing one but pointed at the house. Fox lucky signal missed.
023 Cocks and Partridge. A Partridge put in with gamecocks watched them fight and worried for his safety. Not to worry he found out as game cocks fight each other all the time.
024 The Fox with the Swollen Belly. A Fox took himself through a small hole to eat his fill of what’s inside. Now too big to get back out the Fox has to wait until he returns to normal size.
025 The Halcyon. (A Kingfisher finds the sea more violent than the land.) Not linked yet
026 A Fisherman. A Fisherman roiled the water pulling in his net. People complained but he said he must roil the water or have no fish to eat.
027 The Fox looks at the Actor’s Mask. A Fox looks at a mask and wonders where the mask’s brains are.
028 The Cheater. A sick Man promises what he doesn’t have to gods. He’s cured, then sent off for treasure. He’s captured and sold as a slave because of unfilled promises.
029 The Charcoal Dealer and the Fuller. A charcoal maker invited a cloth cleaner to visit. The cleaner declined because as quickly as he could clean anything it would get dirty again.
030 The Shipwrecked Man. (A shipwrecked wealthy man is told to swim not pray.) Not linked yet

031 The Middle-aged Man and his Two Mistresses. A man had two wives; one older and one younger. Being vain, the younger pulled white hairs from the man’s head and the older pulled dark. He went bald.
032 The Murderer. A Manslayer (murderer) was pursued. When at the Nile River a Lion chased him up a tree where a serpent forced him to jump in the river and be eaten.
033 The Braggart. Boasting of deeds done is lots of fun; at least until someone calls you on your boasting.
034 Impossible Promises. Not linked yet
035 The Man and the Satyr or Blowing Hot and Cold. A Satyr is confused by a man blowing to both heat and cool and refused to deal with him thinking he was double dealing.
036 Evil-wit. A fellow tried to trick the Oracle by holding a bird under his coat and asking if it was alive or dead. The Oracle said it was whatever the man wanted.
037 A Blind Man. A blind man was known to identify animals by their young. A whelp of a wolf was presented. He could not say Fox or Wolf but did say to not put with Sheep.
038 The Ploughman and the Wolf. Not linked yet
039 The Wise Swallow. Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. A Swallow was warned to eat all sown hemp seeds else they grow up; the fibers woven into a net.
040 The Astrologer. (An Astrologer trips into a well.) Not linked yet

041 Fox and Lamb. (A Dog chides a Fox trying to get to young sheep.) Not linked yet
042 The Farmer’s Bequest to his Sons. A dying father told his sons about a treasure in a field if they only dig for it. They did. Good yield was their treasure.
043 Two Frogs. Two Frogs had to leave their dry pond and encountered a well. One said they should live there; the other cautioned about getting out if they needed to.
044 The Frogs ask Zeus for a King. People are never satisfied. Frogs prayed for a king but got a log. Prayed again and got a stork who started to have a feast on them.
045 The Oxen and the Squeaking Axle. The oxen pulling a wagon were disturbed by the creaking of the wheels. Not seeing the heavy load on the wagon the oxen blamed the wheels for complaining.
046 The North Wind and the Sun. The wind and the sun bet on which can force a man to remove a coat. The sun wins.
047 The Boy with the Stomach-ache. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
048 The Nightingale and the Bat. A Bat asked a Nightingale singing at night why he did not sing by day. He answered that when he sang by day he was caught so now only sings at night.
049 The Herdsman who lost a Calf. A herdsman prayed to find his herd. Found with a lion, the herdsman further prayed for his escape.
050 The Weasel and Aphrodite. In a test a Cat was turned into a young maiden. She found a young man and were to be wed. At the wedding Venus released a Mouse and the maiden chased it.

051 The Farmer and the Snake. Man’s Son stepped on a Snake who bit and killed him. The Man cut the tail off the Snake which then went after the Man’s Cattle. No truce could be had.
052 The Farmer and his Dogs. In the midst of a storm the Dogs watch their Master kill his Sheep, Goats, and Oxen in order to sustain himself. The Dogs decided to be safe and leave!
053 The Farmers Sons. There is strength in union. Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken. Same applies to people.
054 The Snails in the Fire. (Snails sizzling are chided for singing.) Not linked yet
055 The Woman and her Overworked Maidservants. Be careful what you ask for. A widow was served by maidens awakened by a rooster. They killed the rooster. The widow then woke them earlier.
056 The Witch. (A Woman is tried for promising favor of the gods.) Not linked yet
057 The Old Woman and the Thieving Physician. A physician comes to cure blindness. On each visit an item is stolen. When he demands payment he gets nothing.
058 The Overfed Hen. A Woman wanted two rather than one egg a day from her Hen. She overfed the Hen which caused the Hen to stop laying eggs entirely.
059 Weasel and File. (A Weasel destroys its tongue licking a file.) Not linked yet
060 The Old Man and Death. An Old Man was tired of picking up sticks and called on Death to take him. Death arrived and the Old Man asked him to pick up the sticks. Changed his mind.

061 Fortune and the Farmer. (Man improperly thanks Earth instead of Fortune for gold.) Not linked yet
062 The Dolphins at War and the Gudgeon (Crab). Dolphins and Whales were fighting when a Sprat offered to help them. Seems they would rather fight. Too bad.
063 Demades the Orator. Demades, an orator, tried getting people to listen but they would not until he started a fable. He stopped mid-fable chiding them for avoiding truth.
064 The Wrong Remedy for Dog-bite. A Man bitten by a Dog was advised to feed the Dog bread soaked in the wound. Others pointed out what a bad idea it was to give the Dogs an appetite for Man.
065 The Travellers and the Bear. Two Travelers agreed to guard each other. A Bear rushed at both and one climbed a tree; the other played dead and the Bear told him to not trust the other.
066 The Youngsters in the Butcher’s Shop. Two men visited a Cook. The Cook noticed something missing. Both men swore they had not taken it, even though they did. God saw even if the Cook didn’t.
067 The Wayfarers who Found an Axe. One of two Men found an Axe. The other claimed part of the find until the owner showed up to take the Axe back. The other quickly withdrew the claim.
068 The Enemies. Two enemies were on a ship; one up front, the other in the back. The ship was sinking and the enemy at back was delighted he would see the other sink first.
069 Two Frogs were Neighbours. One Frog lived in a pond while another Frog lived by the road. The Pond Frog asked the other to come but the Road Frog said no. Road Frog crushed. Too bad.
070 The Oak and the Reed. Obscurity often brings safety. In a gale, a tree fell but reeds did not. It was observed that reeds can bend in the wind but trees can’t.

071 The Timid and Covetous Man. (Fear and Greed tear at a man over a Lion made of gold.) Not linked yet
072 The Beekeeper. While the BeeMaster was out a thief stole the empty hives. While he was pondering the theft the bees came back and started to sting him. Silly bees.
073 The Ape and the Dolphin. Dolphin saved a Monkey from drowning and gave him a ride to Athens. Dolphin questioned Monkey about Athens and was lied to. Monkey got drowned after all.
074 The Stag at the Fountain. A Stag admired his antlers in a pool but was chased away by a hunter. The hunter was able to catch up when the Stag got his antlers caught in a tree.
075 The One-eyed Stag. A doe with one eye thought she was safe eating while looking shoreward but then missed the archer in the boat. Oh my!
076 The Stag and the Lion in a Cave. A deer being chased tries to hide in a cave with a lion in it. Bad move. Bye, bye deer.
077 The Stag and the Vine. Do not mistreat those who help you. A Hart (stag) hides from hunters in vines. The Hart starts to nibble on the vines and gives himself away. Too bad.
078 Passengers at Sea. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
079 Cat and Mice. A cat came to a house with mice and started to feast. The mice hid and the cat, thinking to fool them, hung itself from a peg as a bag. Didn’t work.
080 The Flies in the Honey. Flies were attracted to a honey jar. They ate greedily. But, their feet and wings got covered with the honey so they could not get free. They died.

081 The Ape and the Fox. An unqualified Monkey became king. A Fox tricked the Monkey into a trap. Monkey asked the Fox how he could do such a thing. Fox said he should have known.
082 Ass, Cock, and Lion. A cock scares a Lion away; the Ass thinks it was his bray that did it and chases after. Too bad for the Ass.
083 The Ape and the Camel. Camel saw how well the Monkey’s performance was received that Camel decided to get up and copy it. Silly Camel did so poorly he was run off.
084 The Two Beetles. (Two island Beetles argue over mainland dung.) Not linked yet
085 The Pig and the Sheep. A Pig lived with a Goat and Sheep. The Master laid hold of him and he resisted. Sheep and Goat complained at the noise. Pig said his life was at stake.
086 The Thrush. A Thrush, seeking food, stayed too long on a branch as was caught even when it knew better.
087 The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs. A man owned a goose that laid golden eggs and decided to kill it to obtain the source of gold. There wasn’t one. Too bad.
088 Hermes and the Statuary. Mercury visited a Sculptor to see how he was valued. Asking about other statues for value he then asked about his image. Sculptor gave it little value.
089 Hermes and Tiresias. Mercury wanted to test Tiresias; he stole some of Tiresias’ oxen and then went to him in human form. Tiresias predicted Mercury could help recover the oxen.
090 Viper and Watersnake. (Frogs can’t really help a Viper against a Watersnake.) Not linked yet

091 The Ass who would be Playmate to his Master. An Ass sees a lap Dog fawned over and decides to sit on the master’s lap like the Dog. Bad move as the Ass quickly finds out.
092 The Two Dogs. A Hound berated a House Dog for getting a large share of the kill on the Master’s return. The House Dog replied it was not his fault; talk to the Master.
093 The Viper and the File. It is useless attacking the insensible. A viper (or snake), in vain, attempts to bite a steel file.
094 The Father and his Two Daughters. A Father asked his two daughters what they wanted. One wanted rain for the plants; the other wanted sunshine to dry tiles. Father could not please both.
095 The Ill-tempered Wife. A hated Wife was sent to relatives as a test. She said the Shepard hated her. The Husband commented that she must also be hated by those with her all day.
096 Viper and Fox. (A Fox comments on a Viper floating on Thistles.) Not linked yet
097 The Young Goat and the Wolf as Musician. A Kid about to be eaten by a Wolf asked the Wolf to play to tune so he could dance. Wolf complied and hounds heard the music and came to chase the Wolf.
098 The Kid on the House-top and the Wolf. A Kid on top of a house shouted at a Wolf below. The Kid could only get away with that so long as he was on the roof.
099 A Statue of Hermes on Sale. A seller had an image of Mercury and claimed it gave riches. When asked why he was selling he said he needed riches now and not later when the image worked.
100 Zeus, Prometheus, Athena, and Momus. Momus was asked to judge the labors of other gods. Momus was jealous and so criticized the work of each. Jupiter saw through this and expelled him.

Perry Index continues (101-200)…

101 The Jackdaw in the Borrowed Feathers. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
102 Hermes and Earth. (At Zeus’ order, Hermes instructed Earth to allow humans to live and work.) Not linked yet
103 Hermes and the Artisans. Jupiter had a potion of fraud and hypocrisy made but too much was made and the unused part went to tailors. There’s knavery in all trades; most in tailors.
104 Zeus and Apollo, A Contest in Archery. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
105 Man’s Years. A Man gave animals shelter and in return they gave him their attributes for various ages of his life: headstrong in youth, laborer later, then snappish.
106 Zeus and the Turtle. Jupiter invited all animals to his wedding. The tortoise was late with the excuse he was slow from home. From then on Jupiter made him carry his house.
107 Zeus and the Fox. (For awhile Zeus made the Fox king of animals but changed his mind.) Not linked yet
108 Zeus and Man. (Smaller men got more intelligence than larger men.) Not linked yet
109 Zeus and Shame. (Shame leaves a body when bad things are done.) Not linked yet
110 The Hero. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet

111 Heracles and Plutus. As a God Hercules called on all other gods except Plutus. Asked why not, Hercules said he saw the God of Wealth with many rascals on Earth it wasn’t proper.
112 Ant and Beetle. (A Beetle did not work to save for winter and suffered for that.) Not linked yet
113 The Tunny and the Dolphin. A Thunny and dolphin wash ashore. The Thunny was pleased to see the dolphin die first.
114 The Physician at the Funeral. (A Physician was chided for not giving timely advice when the man was alive.) Not linked yet
115 The Fowler and the Asp. A man walking and concentrating accidentally stepped on a viper which bit him.
116 The Crab and the Fox. A Crab left the seashore to feed in a meadow. A hungry Fox ate him up. The Crab probably should not have left the shore!
117 The Camel who wanted Horns. The Camel complained to Jupiter about his stature relative to other animals. Jupiter was angry at this and that is why now Camels have shorter ears.
118 The Beaver. Beavers have been hunted for their tail being medicine. When chased, a Beaver escaped capture by biting his tail off.
119 The Gardener watering his Vegetables. (The reason why wild vegetables are more sturdy than cultivated.) Not linked yet
120 The Gardener and His Dog. A Dog dropped into a well. When the Master reached in to get the Dog he thought the Master meant to push him further in. Stupid Dog.

121 The Cithera Player. A Musician had a music room that made him sound excellent. But, when the Musician played on the stage he was not so good and was run off.
122 The Thieves and the Cock. Thieves stole a Cock who pleaded for life saying he serviced man by waking him. The thieves thought this all the better reason to kill and eat the bird.
123 The Jackdaw and the Crows. (Crow tried becoming a Daw; failed; not taken back.) Not linked yet
124 Fox and Crow. A crow has cheese a fox wants. The fox asks the crow to sing. It does and drops the cheese.
125 The Crow and the Raven. The Crow was jealous of the Raven who’s cry was taken as an omen. Crow tried to mimic the Raven but travelers saw through the ploy and ignored the Crow.
126 Jackdaw and Fox. Don’t deceive yourself. A Fox sees a jackdaw waiting for food from a tree with early fruit on it. The Fox tells the daw it is waiting in vain.
127 The Crow and the Dog. A Crow prayed to Minerva. Dog said that the prayer would not be answered as Minerva disliked crows. The Crow said he would continue to try to befriend.
128 Crow and Snake. A hungry Crow flew down and grabbed a Serpent who looked dead but was alive and turned and bit him with a fatal bite. Bye, bye Crow.
129 The Jackdaw and the Pigeons. A jackdaw tries to be two things but fails at both. Too bad.
130 The Stomach and the Feet. Belly had all the food and the rest of the body rebelled and refused to work to get more. They soon relented as the whole body started to starve.

131 The Jackdaw fleeing from Captivity. The mind is responsible for our happiness. A daw has to choose between life in the wild and a life in captivity. Tough choice?
132 The Dog who would chase a Lion. (Dog chased a Lion but thought better of it when Lion roared.) Not linked yet
133 The Dog with the Meat and his Shadow. A dog carrying food crossed a bridge and sees its reflection. Wanting the reflection’s food the dog drops his. Ooops.
134 The Sleeping Dog and the Wolf. A Wolf found a Dog napping outside. Wolf caught Dog but Dog talked Wolf out of a meal saying he’d be fatter after a wedding and would give up then. Didn’t!
135 The Famished Dogs. Hungry Dogs saw hides in the river. They decided to drink up the river to get to the hides. Silly Dogs; they burst trying.
136 The Dog and the Hare. While a Dog chased a Hare he sometimes nipped and sometimes fawned over the Hare. The Hare did not know what to think about the Dog’s bid for friendship.
137 The Gnat and the Bull. A Gnat settled on a Bull. Before the Gnat left he asked the Bull if he could go. The Bull did not care as he had not even noticed the Gnat had some.
138 The Hares and the Frogs. Hares were tired of being afraid. They went to drown themselves when they scared some frogs. Fear no more.
139 The Sea-gull and the Kite. A seagull ate too big a fish and burst his gullet. A passing Kite chided him for being a bird but eating from the sea.
140 The Lion in Love. A Lion was so in love that he let the family take away all his defenses. He probably erred; in one version he dies.

141 The Lion and the Frog. Imaginary fears are the worst. A frightened lion gets scared by a bullfrog while crossing a swamp.
142 The Aged Lion and the Fox. A sick lion called others to his cave. Many went in but none came out. Latecomers refused to go in. Smart!
143 The Lion and the Bull. A Lion tried to trick a Bull to his lair by inviting to share a killed sheep. On approach, the Bull saw tools but no sheep and turned and left. Very wise!
144 The Lion in the Farmer’s Yard. A Lion got shut into a farmyard by a Farmer. The Lion attacked all the Farmer’s animals until the Farmer released him. Silly Farmer!
145 Lion and Dolphin. The Lion and Dolphin made a pact to help each other. When the Lion was attacked he called for the Dolphin who could not come as he could not leave the sea.
146 The Lion startled by a Mouse. A Lion was asleep when a Mouse ran over his mane waking him. He searched for the Mouse not out of fear but because of his familiarity and ill-breeding.
147 Lion and Bear. A Lion battled a Bear (or Tiger) for a killed Fawn. When both were too tired to move a Fox came and made off with the prey. Too bad; should have shared.
148 The Lion and the Hare. A Lion was about to eat a Hare when a Stag comes by. The Lion decides to chase the Stag but never catches it. The Hare was gone with the Lion came back.
149 Lion, Ass, and Fox. A lion hunted with others. When it came time to divide the spoils the lion killed those who attempted to divide thing evenly. The fox learned and lived.
150 Lion and Mouse. A Lion was caught in a net by freed by a Mouse that had, before, bothered the Lion. They became friends.

151 The Lion and the Ass Hunting. An Ass and a Lion hunted together. Ass went into the forest and brayed to scare animals to the Lion. Asked how he did, the Lion was very sarcastic.
152 The Brigand and the Mulberry Tree. (Brigand tried to say blood was Mulberry juice when it wasn’t.) Not linked yet
153-1 The Wolves and the Sheep. Wolves convinced the Sheep they would be better off without the guard Dogs which they dismissed. Should not have done that; the Sheep are now eaten.
153-2 The Wolves and Sheep. Wolves and Sheep made a pact of peace where Sheep gave up Dogs and Wolves their young. The young cries and Wolves cried foul. Bye-bye Sheep!
154 The Wolf and the Horse. A wolf met a Horse coming out of a field of oats. Wolf advised Horse to eat the fine oats. Horse was on to the Wolf as oats are not the food of Wolves.
155 The Wolf and the Lamb. A Wolf catches a Lamb who then begs for life. No luck.
156 The Wolf and the Heron. A Crane wanted to get paid for taking a bone from the throat of a Wolf. The Wolf advised caution.
157 The Wolf and the Goat. A Wolf called to a Goat feeding to come to the meadow where there was better food. The Goat saw through the ruse. Smart Goat!
158 The Wolf and the Old Woman Nurse. A Wolf overheard a mother telling a child if the child wasn’t quiet she would feed him to the wolves. Expecting supper, all the Wolf got was disappointment.
159 Wolf and Sheep. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
160 The Disabled Wolf and the Sheep. A Wolf asking a passing Sheep for water. The Sheep demurred saying that if he brought water he would become supper. Smart Sheep.

161 The Fortune-teller. A Seer was telling fortunes when a neighbor ran up saying the Seer’s house was being broken into. On his way there people asked why he did not foretell that.
162 The Baby and the Crow. (A baby died as predicted by a Crow; just not a bird.) Not linked yet
163 Zeus and the Bees. A Queen Bee gave honey to Jupiter and asked, in return, for a sting against those who attack. Jupiter gave her a sting but with it comes death if used.
164 The Mendicant Priests. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
165 Battle of the Mice and Cats. Mice and Weasels were fighting. The Mice picked their bravest to lead and made them generals. Mice fled when Weasels came but generals could not. Too bad.
166 The Ant. A Man used to steal and store goods from neighbors. Jupiter turned him into an Ant but his behavior did not change.
167 The Fly. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
168 The Shipwrecked Man. A man was shipwrecked and blamed the sea for his troubles. The sea responded saying it was not he but the wind that should be blamed.
169 The Prodigal Young Man and the Swallow. A man saw a Swallow early in the season and sold his coat. The weather turned cold again and the man bemoaned that it would kill him and the Swallow.
170 Physician and Sick Man. A Doctor tends a dying patient telling him that all his symptoms are natural and normal. The patient complains that he is ready to die of good symptoms.

171 Bat, Thorn Bush, and Gull. (The animals lost related items and now behave accordingly.) Not linked yet
172 The Bat and the Two Weasels. A Bat caught by a Weasel pleaded to live as the Weasel thought he was a bird and wasn’t. Caught again he pleaded as a Mouse. Once more free.
173 Hermes and the Woodcutter. A workman lost an axe. Mercury recovered a gold and silver axe which the workman refused. Mercury then recovered the real axe and gave him the others.
174 Fortune and the Traveller by the Well. A person slept by a well. Fortune, not wanting to be blamed for a drowning, saved the person from folly.
175 The Travellers and the Plane Tree. To the dismay of a Plane-Tree some men sitting under its shade talked badly about it. They got corrected.
176 The Man who warmed a Snake. A farmer takes pity on a frozen snake and brings it home. Thawed, the snake reverts to character and bites all.
177 The Driftwood on the Sea. Seaside Travelers waited by the shore for a boat they saw in the distance to land. When it did they saw it was only a load of wood. Disappointment!
178 The Traveller’s Offering to Hermes. A Traveler bargained safe passage with Mercury for half of any findings. He found nuts and dates and ate both leaving pits and shells for Mercury.
179 The Ass and Gardener. An Ass worked under many masters, each worked him harder than the last. He decried ever leaving the first as the last was a tanner who will take his hide.
180 The Ass with a Burden of Salt. A Salt Merchant loaded an Ass who slipped in water. Load lightened, second time the Ass fell on purpose. Third time Merchant loaded sponges. Water is heavy.

181 The Ass and the Mule. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
182 The Ass carrying the Image of a God. An Ass carrying a sacred Image through town thought all the bowing was for him instead of the Image. His Master set him straight with a well placed whip.
183 The Wild Ass and the Tame Ass. A Wild Ass envied the pasture and care given a Tame Ass until, one day, he came upon the Tame Ass pulling a cart and being whipped. Wild savored freedom.
184 The Ass and the Cicadas. An Ass liked the melody of a Grasshopper. The Ass asked about food thinking it gave the song. Dew was the answer. Ass ate nothing but and died of hunger.
185 The Donkeys make a Petition to Zeus. Asses complained to Jupiter about being overworked. As a joke, Jupiter told them to piss in a river to lighten their load. To today when one pisses all do.
186 The Ass and his Driver. An Ass being driven on a road veered toward a cliff. The Driver tried to stop the Ass but could not and had to let the Ass drop. Too bad for the Ass.
187-1 The Wolf as Physician. An Ass pretended to be lame when he saw a Wolf coming. Wolf asked the problem and Ass said he had a thorn. The Wolf agreed to remove it; got kicked trying.
187-2 The Wolf as Physician. A Lion wanted a Horse for a meal. He tried taking the part of a doctor at a school. When the Horse showed up he saw through the sham and escaped by kicking.
188 Ass in Lion’s Skin. Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool. An ass decides to have fun and dresses as a lion. The ass is found out and beaten. Shame.
189 The Ass and the Frogs. An Ass with a load of wood fell in a pond. Frogs asked why he was making such a big deal out of the fall when they live in the pond all the time.
190 Ass, Crow, and Wolf. An Ass with an open sore had a Raven pick at the sore. The groom laughed. A passing Wolf noted if he had done that, he would be killed. Injustice!!!

191 The Fox Betrays the Ass. An Ass and a Fox partnered but when a Lion came the Fox said he would lead the Ass to a pit for the Lion. Lion agreed. Fox did it. Lion killed Fox first.
192 The Hen and the Swallow. A Hen sat on eggs in am abandoned viper’s nest. A Swallow called her out asking why she would be incubating the eggs of a mortal enemy. Good question!
193 The Fowler and the Lark. A Fowler was building a net. A Blackbird asked and the Fowler said it was a city. The Blackbird took the bait and was caught. Just too gullible.
194 The Fowler and the Stork. A Farmer set nets to catch Cranes which ate seed. A Stork was with the Cranes. The Stork plead for his life. The Farmer said he gets the same punishment.
195 The Camel seen for the First Time. First scared by the sight of a Camel, a Man eventually became so comfortable around the Camel he allowed a child to ride him.
196 The Snake and the Crab. A Snake was advised by a Crab to give up bad dealings. Snake did not so Crab found the Snake and killed it. Snake should have listened to Crab.
197 Snake, Weasel, and Mice. (Snake and Weasel fought until they saw the Mice leaving. Yum.) Not linked yet
198 Zeus and the Downtrodden Snake. (Snake should have bit the first man who trod on it.) Not linked yet
199 The Boy and the Scorpion. A Boy hunting locusts put out his hand toward a Scorpion. The Scorpion, showing his stinger, made the Boy glad he did not touch him or he would lose all.
200 The Thief and his Mother. A Boy about to be executed for stealing went to his Mother and bit her ear. He then accused her of abetting his first crime which later led to the gallows.

Perry Index continues (201-300)…

201 The Pigeon and the Picture. (Pigeon captured after crashing into picture thinking it was reality.) Not linked yet
202 The Pigeon and the Crow. A caged Dove boasted to a Crow about all the young. The Crow pointed out to the Dove that having many young is good but it’s better for them to be free.
203 The Ape and the Fisherman. A Monkey watched a Fisherman cast his nets and determined to try the same after the Fisherman left. Monkey got caught in the reeds and died. Too bad.
204 The Rich Man and the Tanner. A rich man complained about the smell from a near-by tanner. The tanner said he would move but did not and the rich man eventually got used to the smell.
205 The Hired Mourners. A Woman with two daughters buried one, and mourners were provided for the funeral. The other daughter asked about strangers. Woman said they had the money.
206 Shepherd and Dog. (Shepherd regretted giving dog pieces of dying sheep.) Not linked yet
207 The Shepherd and the Sea. A Shepherd saw the calm seas and wanted to sail. He sold his Sheep and got some dates to sell overseas. His ship sank in a tempest and he lost everything.
208 The Shepherd and his Sheep. A Shepherd put his cloak on the ground and shook acorns on it for his sheep. The sheep ate the acorns and tore the cloak. Shepherd was not happy.
209 The Shepherd and the Young Wolves. A Shepherd raised a young Wolf with his Dogs. It seemed well trained but held behind and ate off the flock until found out. Shepherd hung the Wolf.
210 The Shepherd who cried “Wolf!” A bored Boy tending Sheep cried “Wolf!” to get attention. He did it again and people came. A third time and the Boy was ignored. Goodbye flock.

211 The Boy Bathing in the River. A Boy was in danger of drowning and asked for help. The bystander berated him for being in the river. Boy asked that he help now and criticize later.
212 The Sheep Unskilfully Sheared. A Widow decided to shear her only Sheep. She botched the job and was berated by the Sheep.
213 Pomegranate, Apple Tree, and Bramble. A Peach and Apple were arguing about which was most beautiful. A Berry vine spoke up asking they cease their argument in his presence.
214 The Mole. A young Mole insisted he could see though blind from birth. His Mother put some incense before him and he knew not what it was. Not only blind but no smell.
215 The Wasps and the Partridges. Wasps and Partridges asked a Farmer for water and promised doing tasks in return. The Farmer said his Oxen do that work already so he would water them.
216 The Wasp and the Snake. A Wasp tormented a Snake close to death. The Snake decided to put his head under a wagon wheel in hopes to take the Wasp with him in death.
217 The Bull and the Wild Goats. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
218 The Ape’s Twin Offspring. Mother Monkey had two babies. One was reared with love and one with neglect. The loved one was smothered and died; the other grew despite neglect.
219 The Peacock and the Jackdaw. The Birds wanted a king and the Peacock applied. He was almost elected due to his beauty but a Magpie asked practical questions. Peacock failed.
220 Camel and Elephant. (Neither were elected king when their failings were revealed.) Not linked yet

221 Zeus and the Snake. (A Snake’s gift was rejected because it was presented by mouth.) Not linked yet
222 The Sow and the Bitch. A Sow and Dog argued. The Sow swore by Venus she would disembowel the Dog if he did not mend ways. Dog said few ate pork; Sow said nobody ate Dog.
223 A Dispute concerning Fecundity. A Sow and Cat (Dog) were discussing and comparing litters to no avail. But, the Sow got in the last word.
224 The Wild Boar and the Fox. A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks. A Fox asked why. The Boar said that it would be foolish to not be ready and have to sharpen them when needed.
225 The Miser. A miser tried to hide his gold but a thief saw where and took the gold. Too bad.
226 The Tortoise and the Hare. A Tortoise and Hare decide to race. The hare is so confident in the lead that he naps while the tortoise keeps going to win.
227 The Swallow Nesting on the Courthouse. A Swallow nested on the Court of Justice. A Snake came and ate her babies. She bemoaned how she got no justice where others did.
228 The Geese and the Cranes. The more vulnerable need to watch more closely. Geese landed to feed with cranes. When scared, the lighter cranes fled but the geese were caught instead.
229 The Swallow and the Crow. The Swallow and Crow argued about their plumage. The Crow said Swallow’s feathers are all good in the spring, but his protects him against the winter.
230 The Turtle takes Lessons from the Eagle. A Tortoise wanted to fly and promised riches. An Eagle heard and took the Tortoise for a ride. No reward though so a second ride and sudden drop followed.

231 The Athlete and the Flea. A Flea bit a Wrestler who called out to Hercules for help. None came even after the second bite. Seems Hercules answered but said: “No.”
232 The Foxes at the Meander River. (A Fox got washed away when looking for a drink.) Not linked yet
233 The Swan and his Owner. (A Swan only sings when about to die; not on command.) Not linked yet
234 The Wolf and the Shepherd. A Wolf stayed with a flock of sheep until the Shepherd started to ignore him. With that opportunity the Wolf struck and had his meal.
235 The Ant and the Dove. A dove about to be caught in a tree was scared away because an ant, seeing the problem, stung the bird catcher who then yelled.
236 The Travellers and the Crow. A one-eyed Crow flew in front of two travelers and was taken to be a bad omen by one. The other pointed out the Crow could not even foretell his own future.
237 A Donkey Bought on Approval. A man wanted to purchase an Ass and took him home for a trial. The Ass befriended the most idle of those the man already owned. Bye, bye Ass.
238 The Fowler and the Pigeons. (Tame Pigeons thought more of themselves than captured wild Pigeons.) Not linked yet
239 The Depositary and the god Horkos. (The god Horkos [Oath] comes immediately for those who lie.) Not linked yet
240 Prometheus and Men. (Some Men got made with parts of beasts.) Not linked yet

241 Cicada and Fox. (A Cicada refused to come down when a Fox tried to trick it.) Not linked yet
242 The Hyena and the Fox. (A Hyena was seen as both male and female which confused a Fox.) Not linked yet
243 The Hyenas. (What comes around goes around with Hyena sex.) Not linked yet
244 The Parrot and the Cat. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
245 The Timid Soldier and the Crows. (A Soldier refused to fight; not wanting to be eaten by Crows.) Not linked yet
246 The Wife and her Drunken Husband. A drunken Husband was taken to the morgue by his wife. She came back later but the Husband told her to go away unless she had drink for him.
247 Diogenes on a Journey. (Diogenes tries to cross a flooded river.) Not linked yet
248 Diogenes and the Bald Man. (Diogenes gives a sarcastic answer to a bald man.) Not linked yet
249 The Dancing Camel. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
250 The Nut Tree. A fruitful Walnut Tree by a road was attacked by passers-by to get the nuts. The Tree lamented his position.

251 The Lark. A Lark was caught and sentenced to death. The Lark complained that punishment did not fit the crime as all he took was a grain of corn; not jewels. Too bad.
252 The Dog, the Rooster, and the Fox. A Dog is hiding in a hole in a tree. A cock is in the tree crowing. A fox hears and comes for a meal. Surprise!
253 Dog and Shellfish. The Dog ate an Oyster thinking it was an egg. He suffered greatly in his stomach due to this rash action. Dog should have thought before acting.
254 Dog and Butcher. While a Butcher was busy a Dog came into the shop and ran off with a Sheep’s heart. The Butcher called out that he would be better prepared next time.
255 Mosquito and Lion. A Gnat boasted he beat a Lion by stinging his face while the Lion tore his skin trying to get at the Gnat. Later the Gnat got caught in a web and was eaten.
256 Hares and Foxes. In a war with Eagles, the Hares called for Foxes to help. The Foxes said they did not know the Hares or who they were fighting and so demurred.
257 Lioness and Fox. Beasts, especially the Fox, were kidding a Lioness about having but one baby a year while they had many. She pointed out that baby was a lion. Lioness won.
258 The Sick Lion, the Wolf, and Fox. A sick Lion was attended by Wolf and Fox. Wolf said the Fox had been gone plotting. Fox returned saying he found a cure: the pelt of a Wolf. Bye Wolf.
259 The Lion, Prometheus, and the Elephant. A Lion bemoaned his state to Jupiter who refused to help. The Lion then saw an Elephant who was bothered by a Gnat. The Lion thought better of his state.
260 The Wolf Admiring his Shadow. A Wolf thought himself special because his shadow got longer as the sun set. As the Wolf watched his shadow a Lion pounced on him. Too self absorbed!

261 The Wolf and the Lamb. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
262 The Trees and the Olive. (The Olive declined an offer to be kind of the trees.) Not linked yet
263 The Ass and the Mule. An ass was overloaded and asked for help. No help was forthcoming and the ass died. The other animal then had to carry the whole load.
264 The Ass and his Fellow Traveller the Dog. (Dog said to throw a letter which only benefited the Ass away.) Not linked yet
265 The Fowler and the Partridge. The Partridge begged for life from the hunter by saying he would deliver many of his fellows instead. The hunter would have nothing of this betrayal.
266 The Two Wallets. Men are born with two bags; one in front carrying neighbor’s faults and one behind carrying their own faults.
267 The Shepherd and the Wolf. (A Wolf raised as a Dog secretly continued to behave as a Wolf.) Not linked yet
268 The Caterpillar and the Snake. (A Caterpillar stretches and breaks trying to be as long as a Snake.) Not linked yet
269 The Wild Boar, the Horse, and the Hunter. If you allow men to use you for your own purposes, they will use you for theirs. A horse lets a rider mount to chase a stag. The rider keeps the horse.
270 The Wall and the Stake. (A Stake claims innocence in breaking apart a Wall.) Not linked yet

271 Winter and Spring. (Winter claims to be best by keeping men together; Spring disagrees.) Not linked yet
272 Man and Flea. A Flea begged for his life after biting a man. No argument the Flea used could be enough to sway the man from killing the evil Flea.
273 The Flea and the Ox. A Flea and Ox discussed their treatment by man. The Ox bore the work for the reward of being patted. The Flea commented that such patting would kill it.
274 Good Things and Evil. The Goods were driven away by many Ills. Jupiter advised them that influencing man one at a time rather than all at once would get them past the Ills.
275 The Eagle who had his Wings Cropped. An Eagle was caught and had his wings clipped. A neighbor bought the Eagle and let his wings grow out. A Fox cautioned the Eagle about paying tribute.
276 The Wounded Eagle. An Eagle flying was hit by an Arrow. Looking back at it, the Eagle saw feathers from an Eagle on the Arrow. What a great irony!
277 The Nightingale and the Swallow. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
278 The Athenian and the Theban. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
279 The Goat and the Ass. A Goat envied an Ass for the extra food. Goat advised the Ass to fall to get some rest from work. The Ass did but the lungs of a Goat healed him. Oooops!
280 Goat and Goatherd. A Goatherd attempted to bring a stray back to the flock. A last the Goatherd threw a stone which broke the goat’s horn. No way to keep that a secret.

281 The Fighting Cocks. Two Cocks were fighting to rule the yard. The loser hid while the winner danced around the yard drawing an Eagle’s attention. Bye-bye loser, hello winner.
282 Little Fish escape the Net. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
283 The Fire-bearing Fox. A Farmer caught a fox and put a rope on fire on its tail. The Fox ran through the Farmer’s fields destroying his crop.
284 The Man and the Lion. A Lion sees a statue of Man defeating a Lion and comments that had a Lion carved the statue it would be different.
285 The Man who broke a Statue of Hermes. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
286 Spider and Lizard. Not linked yet
287 The Arab and his Camel. A Camel was asked if he preferred to go up-hill or down-hill. The Camel asked back if the flat way through the desert was closed? Wise Camel.
288 The Bear and the Fox. A Bear bragged about how kind he was; he would not touch a man’s dead body. A Fox told him it would be better if he ate the dead instead of the living!
289 The Frog Physician. A Frog proclaimed himself a physician. A Fox asked the Frog how he can cure others when he can’t cure his own wrinkled appearance.
290 The Oxen and the Butchers. Some Oxen wanted the destruction of the Butchers. A wiser member of the herd said to wait; Butchers slaughter skillfully; If gone unskilled will do the job.

291 The Ox-driver and Heracles. The gods help those who help themselves. A stuck wagoner prays to Hercules for help but receives none.
292 Ox and Ass Ploughing. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
293 The Weasel Caught. A Man caught a Weasel who pled for his life based on his catching Mice for the Man. In truth, the Weasel caught mice for his own needs/pleasure. To bad.
294 The Crane and the Peacock. A Peacock was strutting before a Crane saying how beautiful he was. The Crane pointed out that it could fly with his feathers instead of just strut around.
295 The Farmer who lost his Mattock. A Husbandman lost his Mattock. Men denied knowing so he went to town to ask the Oracle. Oracle robbed the night before; nobody knew by who. Man went home.
296 The Farmer and the Eagle. A Peasant freed an Eagle from a trap. Later, Eagle seeing the Peasant under an unsafe wall made Peasant chase him. When he returned, the wall had fallen.
297 Farmer and Cranes. Cranes invaded a Farmer’s field. He could drive them off with an empty sling for awhile but later had to use rocks. That’s when they learned and left.
298 Farmer and Starlings. (No summary yet.) Not linked yet
299 The Farmer and the Tree. A Peasant was cutting down an apple tree despite pleas from animals living in it. He stopped when he found a hive with honey. Tree now doing fine!
300 The Steer and the Bull. A heifer (or calf) watched an ox pulling a plow and chided him for his hard life versus the others easy life. The ox got the last word. See why here.

Perry Index continues (301-400)…

301 The Slave Girl and Aphrodite. Not linked yet
302-1 The Oak Trees and Zeus. The trees willingly give a woodsman a shaft for his axe. Ooops, too bad.
302-2 The Oak Trees and Zeus. The Oaks complained to Jupiter about being cut so often. Jupiter told them they make excellent structures; if they did not then they would be cut less.
303 The Woodcutters and the Pine. An Oak tree was cut down and split using wedges made from its own wood. The Oak lamented the fact that its own material was used against it.
304 The Fir Tree and the Thistle. A tree argues with a bramble about status when the lumberjack comes to cut the tree down. Oooops.
305 The Sick Stag and his Friends. Visitors to a sick Stag each ate some of his food. The Stag died of hunger not illness.
306 Hermes and a Man bitten by an Ant. A Philosopher saw a shipwreck. While musing on the fate of the vessel a swarm of Ants approach and one bit him. He stomped on them all. Hypocrite.
307 Hermes and the Sculptor. Not linked yet
308 The Dog and the Square-hewn Statue of Hermes. Not linked yet
309 Hermes with a Wagon full of Lies. Not linked yet
310 The Eunuch and the Soothsayer. Not linked yet

311 Zeus, the Animals and Men. Not linked yet
312 Zeus and the Jar full of Good Things. Not linked yet
313 The Judgments of Zeus. Not linked yet
314 The Sun and the Frogs. The Sun wanted to wed. The Frogs complained to Jupiter about how that might further dry up their living area.
315 The Mule. When a Mule was happy he thought his parent was a spirited Horse. The next day he was put to work and realized he was only a Mule.
316 Heracles and Athena. Hercules came on and beat a small animal that grew with each strike until Pallas came along and said to stop as it was Strife and would shrink if not fed.
317 The Unskilled Physician. Not linked yet
318 The Old Race Horse in the Mill. A aged, pampered Battle Horse was sent to work for a Miller. Work was tedious and asked the Miller why his fate had changed but was told to accept his lot.
319 The Horse and his Groom. A Groom spent days grooming his Horse while, at the same time, he stole his oats and sold them. The Horse wished he would groom less and feed more.
320 The Soldier and his Horse. A Soldier cared for his Horse during war. After the war, care was not so much. When war came again, the Soldier had to go alone as the Horse was not fit.

321 The Camel in the River. Not linked yet
322 The Crab and his Mother. A child crab is berated by the parent crab for walking awkwardly. The child crab points out the parent should set the example.
323 The Crow and Hermes. A Crow was caught but released by Apollo on promise of an offering. The offering was never made so when the Crow as again captured no other god helped.
324 The Sick Crow and his Mother. A sick kite begged his mother to visit altars and pray for his recovery. The mother said no as they had robbed all the altars she might pray at.
325 The Lark and the Farmer. A Lark’s young ones wanted to know when to leave the field they were in. The mother said when the owner hires workers instead of trying to do it himself.
326 The Timid Hunter. A timid Hunter was looking for Lion spoor. A Woodman offered to show the Hunter the Lion but the Hunter declined saying he was just looking for tracks.
327 The Hunter and the Fisherman. A Huntsman and Fisherman met and decided to exchange what each caught. They kept doing this until a neighbor pointed out they might like what they caught.
328 The Dog and the Banquet. A Dog invited another to the feast. The visiting Dog was found among the food by the cook who threw him out. To save face, visitor said he was drunk.
329 The Hunting Dog. Not linked yet
330 The Dog and his Master. A Traveler was ready for a trip and found his Dog by the door waiting for him. Dog had gotten ready first.

331 Dog and Hare. A Hound scared and chased a Hare but gave up after some distance. Asked why, the Hound cited motivation: Hound ran for supper, Hare ran for life.
332 The Dog with a Bell on his Neck. A bad dog was given a collar so people could be warned at his approach. The dog thought it a good thing and was proud of it. He was wrong.
333 The Rabbit and the Fox. Not linked yet
334 The Lion’s Reign. The Lion set up a kingdom where he proclaimed that all animals should live together in peace. The Hare observed he wanted that but ran for his life instead.
335 The Lion and the Eagle. An Eagle asked a Lion for a truce for mutual advantage. The Lion said OK but only if the Eagle provided a bond against just flying away.
336 Sick Lion, Fox and Stag. Not linked yet
337 Lion, Fox, and Ape. Not linked yet
338 The Lion and the Boar. A Lion and Boar fought over water on a hot day. During a break in the fight they saw Vultures waiting for the loser. Instantly, the battle was over.
339 Lion and Wild Ass. The lion allied with other animals to hunt so that more prey could be caught. When it came time to divide the spoils the lion made it clear all was his.
340 The Lion and the Bowman. A Lion (or Tiger) stands up to an archer only to find an arrow in his side. The Fox slyly asks if he really intended for that to happen. Unhappy Lion.

341 The Mad Lion. Not linked yet
342 The Wolves and the Dogs. Wolves argued the Sheepdogs should give them the sheep as the master only gave the dogs bones. The Sheepdogs agreed and the Wolves immediately killed them.
343 The Wolves and the Dogs at War. Not linked yet
344 A Wolf among the Lions. A large Wolf was nicknamed Lion. Believing this he moved to live with Lions. A Fox observed he might be a lion among wolves; but, was a wolf among lions.
345 The Wolf and the Fox at a Trap. Not linked yet
346 The Wolf and the Well-fed Dog. A Dog offered to help a Wolf get regular feed from his Master. The Wolf listened but saw a bald spot on Dog’s neck where the collar sat. Goodbye said Wolf.
347 Wolf and Lion. The Wolf killed a sheep. While carrying it he met a Lion who took the sheep. Wolf complained about the theft but the Lion pointed out the hypocrisy in that.
348 The Wolf as Governor and the Ass. A new Wolf ruler was suggesting everyone share everything when an Ass made it clear he should also share the Sheep he had hid away. Ooops!
349 The Lamp. A Lamp, burning bright, boasted it had light like the Sun. Wind blew it out. The Master re-lit the lamp and told it to not boast any longer.
350 Adulterer and Husband. Not linked yet

351 The Calf and the Deer. A Fawn questioned larger deer about why they flee a Dog when they are so much bigger. Nobody could answer; it was just in their nature the Fawn was told.
352 The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. A Town and Country Mouse visited each other. The Town Mouse was fed basic food at leisure; the Country Mouse had to run away from fine food. He ran home.
353 The Mouse and the Bull. A Mouse bothered a Bull to the point where the Bull tried to tear down the wall. He could not and slept where the Mouse could attack him again.
354 The Mouse and the Blacksmiths. Not linked yet
355 The Wayfarer and Truth. A Traveler met Truth and asked why Truth was in the country. Truth said that while before there were few liars in the city, now there are many.
356 The Sheep and the Dog. Sheep complained they had to pay with wool for their good life but the Dog did not have to pay. Dog pointed out without him Sheep would likely be dead.
357 The Ass that envied the Horse. An Ass bemoaned his treatment compared with a horse. The horse was taken into battle and died. The Ass thought better of his previous opinion.
358 The Ass in the Lion’s Skin. Not linked yet
359 The Donkey on the Tiles. An Ass started to play on the roof and broke tiles. The Owner beat him. The Ass thought it strange he could not do with yesterday a Monkey did.
360 The Ass eating Thorns. Not linked yet

361 The Fowler, the Partridge, and the Cock. A bird catcher caught nothing and had to pick between his partridge lure and a rooster. Good bye rooster despite a good argument.
362 The Snake’s Tail and the Other Members. A Snake’s Tail rebelled against the Head so Head let Tail lead the way. Over a cliff they both went. Tail was silent after that.
363 The Boy and the Painted Lion. A dream said King’s Son would be killed by a Lion. King built a fortress with a painted Lion for the Son. A thorn near the painting stuck the Son who died.
364 The Ape Mother and Zeus. In a beautiful baby contest a Monkey presented her baby to Jupiter. Others laughed but Monkey asserted that whatever happened her baby was beautiful.
365 The Shepherd about to enclose a Wolf in the Fold. A Shepherd was about to lock a Wolf up for the night with the sheep. His Dog queried him about the reasonableness of doing that; a wise question.
366 The Shepherd who reared a Wolf. A Shepherd raised a Wolf to steal from neighbors. The Wolf was grateful but warned the Shepherd to be even more cautious now.
367 War and Insolence. Not linked yet
368 The Hide in the River. Not linked yet
369 The Rose and the Amaranth. An Amaranth envied a rose but the rose said it would rather have the immortal life of the Amaranth.
370 The Trumpeter. Words may be deeds. Taken prisoner, a trumpeter pled for life based on not doing battle. But the call to battle was his undoing.

371 The Lizard and the Snake. Not linked yet
372 Three Bulls and a Lion. A Lion wanted to dine on some bulls but they grouped together when he advanced. One day the bulls went to different fields and were eaten one by one.
373 The Cicada and the Ant. A Grasshopper frolicked while an Ant stored food for the winter. When winter came the Ant was comfortable; the Grasshopper not so.
374 The Goat and the Vine. Not linked yet
375 The Baldheaded Horseman. A bald Knight wore a wig which a gust of wind took away. While his companions laughed, the Knight took it in stride and made a joke of it. Good for him.
376 The Toad puffing herself Up. A frog inflates itself bragging he can be as big as an ox or bull. Too big, too bad. Pop.
377 The Boasting Swallow and the Crow. Not linked yet
378 The Two Pots. Two pots, metal and clay, float down a waterway. The metal pot asks the clay to be close; the clay demurs fearing breakage.
379 The Man enamoured of his own Daughter. Not linked yet
380 The Man who evacuated his own Wits. Not linked yet

381 The Aged Farmer and the Donkeys. Not linked yet
382 The Ancestors of the Delphians. Not linked yet
383 The Two Roads. Not linked yet
384-1 The Mouse and the Frog. Frog and Mouse lived across a stream. Mouse agreed to be taken across to visit Frog. Frog gets greedy and dives; Mouse screams. Kite hears and takes both.
384-2 The Mouse and the Frog. A Mouse and Frog fought so hard they did not notice a Hawk overhead. The Hawk saw them and swooped down and carried them both off to supper.
385 Dreams. Not linked yet
386 The Foolish Girl. Not linked yet
387 The Poor Man catching Insects. Not linked yet
388 The Widow and the Ploughman. Not linked yet
389 The Cat’s Birthday Dinner. Not linked yet
390 The Crow and the Pitcher. A thirsty crow wanted water from a pitcher. He filled it with pebbles to raise the water level to drink. Clever!

391 The Landlord and the Sailors. Not linked yet
392 The Sick Donkey and the Wolf Physician. Not linked yet
393 The Aethiopian. A Master had a Colored Servant. Thinking the skin was dirty from his former master’s abuse, Master subjected the servant to constant washing. No change.
394 The Fox as Helper to the Lion. A Fox helped a Lion catch prey but got jealous of the Lion taking the bigger share. Fox went out on his own but got caught himself with no Lion to help.
395 The Serpent and the Eagle. Serpent had the best of an Eagle when a man freed the Eagle. Serpent put venom into the man’s water but the Eagle knocked it out of his hand. Man lived.
396 The Kites and the Swans. Kites had the gift of song but were enchanted by the neigh of a Horse. In trying to imitate that the Kites lost their ability to sing.
397 The Fowler and the Cicada. Not linked yet
398 The Crow and the Swan. A Raven desired a Swan’s white feathers. He thought the color was due to the water so he went to live in the lake. Not water, and going hungry, he perished.
399 The Swan that was caught instead of a Goose. A Swan and Goose were raised together; one for song and one for supper. The cook picked the Swan but he sung out and saved his life.
400 The Bees and the Shepherd. Not linked yet

Perry Index continues (401-500)…

401 The Foal. Not linked yet
402 The Hunter and the Horseman. A Hunter had a Hare a horseman wanted. Horseman asked to buy but rode off when he had the Hare. Hunter could not catch him so he gifted the Hare.
403 The Hunter and the Dog. Not linked yet
404 Hunter and Wolf. Not linked yet
405 Cyclops. Not linked yet
406 Some Dogs tearing a Lion’s Skin. Fox found Dogs tearing apart a lion skin. Fox told the Dogs they would have a problem if the Lion were still in the skin.
407 A Dog chasing a Wolf. Not linked yet
408 A Thirsty Rabbit. Not linked yet
409 The Fox and the Lion in a Cage. A Fox reviled a Lion in a cage. The Lion made it clear that it was chance that brought him there and not the Fox.
410 The Youth and the Woman. Not linked yet

411 The Onager and the Ass. Not linked yet
412 The Rivers and the Sea. Three Rivers started to accuse the Sea of turning their water salty and unfit. The Sea cut them off saying all they had to do was stop flowing. Hah!
413 The Fig and the Olive. An Olive Tree bragged that it was better because it was green all year. When snow came it broke the Olive Tree branches but not the other trees. Too bad.
414 The Bull, the Lioness, and the Wild Boar. A Bull killed the cub of a Lioness who complained bitterly about it. A Hunter chided her as she had killed many young of others. Turnabout is fair play.
415 The Dog and the Smiths. A dog slept while his Master, a Blacksmith, worked. When the Master went to eat the Dog woke for his food. In jest, one day the Master chided the Dog.
416 A Bear, a Fox, and a Lion. Not linked yet
417 A Wolf and Poetry. Not linked yet
418 The Ostrich. The Ostrich appears as both bird and beast. To the birds he showed his wings and beak; to the beasts he showed feet. After, both accepted him.
419 The Thief and the Innkeeper. A Thief hired a room with the idea of stealing something to pay for it. Nothing found. So, instead of stealing, the thief scared the Innkeeper.
420 The Two Adulterers. Not linked yet

421 The Sailor and his Son. Not linked yet
422 The Eagle once a Man. Not linked yet
423 Aesop returning Home. Not linked yet
424 Aesop to the Corinthians. Not linked yet
425 The Fisherman and the Octopus. Not linked yet
426 Fox and Crane. A fox and stork trade suppers in dishes the other has a hard time using.
427 The Fox and the Hedgehog. A Fox with its tail caught was a feast for Mosquitoes. A Hedgehog offered to remove them. Fox said no; those on him were full; new would take more blood.
428 The Sybarite. Not linked yet
429 The Man who tried to Count the Waves. Not linked yet
430 The Creation of Man. Not linked yet

431 Man’s Loquacity. Not linked yet
432 Apollo, the Muses and the Dryads. Not linked yet
433 Aphrodite and the Merchant. Not linked yet
434 The Wren on the Eagle’s Back. Not linked yet
435 The Black Cat. Not linked yet
436 The Priest of Cybele and the Lion. Not linked yet
437 The Owl and the Birds. Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. Birds were warned to destroy things that would later destroy them.
438 The Sybarite Woman. Not linked yet
439 The Laurel and the Olive. Not linked yet
440 The Runaway Slave. Not linked yet

441 The Feast Day and the Day After. Not linked yet
442 The Origin of Blushes. Not linked yet
443 Heron and Buzzard. Not linked yet
444 Eros among Men. Not linked yet
445 Pleasure and Pain. Not linked yet
446 The Cuckoo and the Little Birds. Not linked yet
447 The Crested Lark. A Lark found no place to bury her father and so used her head. This is why the Lark now has a crest.
448 The Musical Dogs. Not linked yet
449 The Dog’s House. A cold Dog curled up and determined to build a house. But, in the summer the Dog stretched out and considered he did not need a house so it was never built.
450 The Lions and the Hares. The Hares argued all should be equal. The Lions replied: “Your words are good; but they lack both claws and teeth such as we have.”

451 The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. A Wolf found a Sheep’s pelt and wore it to blend in with the flock. Worked for awhile until the Shepherd noticed. No more Wolf!
452 The Wolf and the Ass on Trial. Not linked yet
453 The Wolf and the Shepherds. A Wolf saw Shepherds eating parts of a Sheep. The Wolf decried their actions saying they would have killed him doing the same thing.
454 The Mouse and the Oyster. Not linked yet
455 Momus and Aphrodite. Not linked yet
456 The Fool and the Sieve. Not linked yet
457 The Boy on the Wild Horse. Not linked yet
458 The Ass and the Snake called Dipsas. Not linked yet
459 The Peeping of an Ass. Not linked yet
460 The Shadow of an Ass. A Traveler hired an Ass. The day was hot and the Traveler sat in the shadow of the Ass. The Owner argued he didn’t hire the shadow. Ass left as they argued.

461 The Eyes and the Mouth. Not linked yet
462 The Privilege of Grief. Not linked yet
463 The Dancing Apes. Monkeys were trained to dance on stage and did a good job of it. One day nuts were thrown onto the stage and the Monkeys fought over the nuts, dancing not.
464 The Apes Founding a City. Not linked yet
465 The Shepherd and the Butcher. Not linked yet
466 Plenty and Poverty. Not linked yet
467 The Satyr and Fire. Not linked yet
468 The Moon and her Mother. Not linked yet
469 The Bull deceived by the Lion. Not linked yet
470 The Cicadas. Not linked yet

471 The Lies and the Farmer. Not linked yet
472 The Vainglorious Jackdaw and the Peacock. A fine bird is more than fine feathers. A Jackdaw tried to make itself look pretty using peacock feathers. It had to flee when found out. What a rout.
473 The Sparrow gives Advice to the Hare. Not linked yet
474 The Wolf and the Fox before Judge Ape. Not linked yet
475 From Cobbler to Physician. Not linked yet
476 What the Ass said to the Old Shepherd. Not linked yet
477 Sheep, Stag, and Wolf. A Stag asked to borrow wheat from a Sheep and said he would leave a Wolf as a bond. The Sheep, understandably, did not think much of this offer.
478 Sheep, Dog, and Wolf. A Dog brought court action against a Sheep for wheat borrowed but not returned. Three false witnesses testified and the Sheep lost but did nothing wrong.
479 A Woman in Childbirth. Not linked yet
480 The Dog and her Puppies. Not linked yet

481 The Old Lion, the Boar, the Bull, and the Ass. Not linked yet
482 The dogs and the Crocodiles. Not linked yet
483 The Dog, the Treasure, and the Vulture. Not linked yet
484 The Ass Insults the Boar. An Ass mocked a Lion who eventually decided to just let the Ass be himself and not give the Ass any further notice.
485 The Frogs Dread the Battle of the Bulls. A frog saw two bulls fighting but wasn’t worried. Another frog said he should be as the loser might come to live in the area. The loser did and frogs died.
486 The Kite and the Doves. Not linked yet
487 The Bullock, the Lion, and the Robber. A Lion was with its kill. A thief demanded half but the Lion made him go away. A traveler, respecting the Lion, left but was called back for a share.
488 The Eagle, the Cat, and the Wild Sow. Not linked yet
489 Caesar to a Flunkey. A Slave performed minor tasks for Caesar hoping for his freedom. Caesar turned him down saying he must pay more than a token for freedom.
490 The Eagle and the Crow. Not linked yet

491 The Two Mules and the Robbers. One mule carried treasure proudly; one carried grain. Robbers beset them and noticed the proud mule. They took the treasure and wounded the mule. Other OK.
492 The Stag and the Oxen. A stag, fleeing, hid in a stable by burying itself in the hay. Stag left a horn showing and the Master saw. No more stag.
493 What the Old Woman said to the Wine Jar. An Old Woman who liked wine found a wine jug by the road. She hoped it was full but it wasn’t. At least she got good memories through sniffing the jug.
494 The Panther and the Shepherds. A Panther fell into a well. Some fed him and some pelted him. Overnight he recovered strength and leaped out of the well. He killed those who abused him.
495 Aesop and the Farmer. Not linked yet
496 The Butcher and the Ape. Not linked yet
497 Aesop and the Saucy Fellow. Not linked yet
498 The Fly and the Mule. A Fly sat atop a Mule and said he should go faster or the Fly would bite him. The Mule did not care as he only answered to his driver.
499 Brother and Sister. Inner beauty is better than outer beauty. An ugly sister was jealous of her handsome brother. Father said not to be as beauty is more than skin deep.
500 Socrates to his Friends. Socrates built a house. All his friends found fault with some part or another. Socrates admitted it was small but wished he had true friends to fill it.

Perry Index continues (501-600)…

501 On Believing and Not Believing. Not linked yet
502 The Eunuch’s Reply to the Scurrilous Fellow. Not linked yet
503 The Cockerel and the Pearl. A Cock (Rooster) looks for food but finds a jewel and throws it aside as unwanted.
504 The Bees and the Drones get Judgment from the Wasp. Drones took over a hive. The Bees objected and asked the Wasp to judge the issue. The Wasp asked each side to build a comb. Bees did, Drones not. Bees won.
505 Concerning Relaxation and Tension. Aesop was chided for relaxing and playing with children. His response in today’s language was simple: lighten up.
506 The Dog to the Lamb. Not linked yet
507 The Cicada and the Owl. A Grasshopper bothered an Owl trying to sleep. The more the Owl complained the louder the Grasshopper became. Owl solved the problem; Grasshopper eaten.
508 Trees under the Patronage of the Gods. Each of the gods picked a tree for protection. Minerva, wisest, picked the olive tree on account of its fruit which can be put to good use.
509 The Peacock Complains to Juno about his Voice. A Peacock wanted to have a nice voice as well as looking pretty. Juno said: “No.”
510 Aesop’s Reply to an Inquisitive Fellow. Not linked yet

511 The Weasel and the Mice. An infirm Weasel tried to trick mice by rolling in flour as a disguise. An older mouse saw through the trick.
512 The Enigmatic Will. Not linked yet
513 The Thief and his Lamp. Not linked yet
514 The Rule of King Lion. Not linked yet
515 Prometheus. Not linked yet
516 The Bearded She-Goats. Not linked yet
517 The Dogs Send an Embassy to Jupiter. Not linked yet
518 The Fox and the Dragon. Not linked yet
519 About Simonides. Not linked yet
520 The Mountain in Labour. A Mountain emitting terrible noises was said to be in labor. But, as people watched to see what would happen, all they saw come out of it was a mouse.

521 The Ant and the Fly. An ant and fly disputed their respective merits. The fly boasted about being on royalty; the ant talked about toiling for a living. The ant won.
522 How Simonides was Saved by the Gods. Not linked yet
523 King Demetrius and the Poet Menander. Not linked yet
524 Two Soldiers and a Robber. Two Soldiers were beset by a robber. One ran and the other fought and overcame the robber. The coward came back to claim victory. The other silenced him.
525 The Bald Man and the Fly. Not linked yet
526 The Ass and the Pig’s Barley. Not linked yet
527 The Buffoon and the Country Fellow. A Buffoon entertained with animal sounds. A Man said he could imitate a pig better. On stage the audience reviled his performance until he showed the pig.
528 Two Bald Men. Not linked yet
529 Prince, the Fluteplayer. Not linked yet
530 Time (Opportunity). Not linked yet

531 The Bull and the Calf. A Bull was trying to fit through a narrow passage to his stall when a Calf offers to lead the way. The Bull, being stubborn, said he knew the way.
532 The Old Dog and the Hunter. An Old Hound caught but could not hold a Boar (Stag). His Master berated him ignoring the fact that he was old and unable to hunt any longer.
533 The Ape and the Fox. An Ape asked a Fox for part of his tale to help cover him. The Fox pointed out that his tail was not built to cover an Ape.
534 Mercury and the Two Women. Not linked yet
535 Prometheus and Guile. Not linked yet
536 On Apollo’s Oracle. Not linked yet
537 Aesop and the Writer. Not linked yet
538 Pompey and his Soldier. Not linked yet
539 Juno, Venus, and the Hen. Venus showed Juno she was no more chaste than other women by asking a hen if she would stop scratching for a barn full of grain. She could not.
540 The Bullock and the Old Ox. Not linked yet

541 Aesop and the Victorious Athlete. Not linked yet
542 The Ass and the Lyre. Not linked yet
543 The Widow and the Soldier. Not linked yet
544 The Two Suitors. Not linked yet
545 Aesop and his Mistress. Not linked yet
546 The Cock Carried in a Litter by Cats. Not linked yet
547 The Sow Giving Birth and the Wolf. A Wolf came to a Sow and offered to baby sit. “Thank you but no thank you,” said the Sow.
548 Aesop and the Runaway Slave. Not linked yet
549 The Race Horse. A aged, pampered Battle Horse was sent to work for a Miller. Work was tedious and asked the Miller why his fate had changed but was told to accept his lot.
550 When the Bear gets Hungry. Not linked yet

551 The Traveller and the Raven. Not linked yet
552 The Snake and the Lizard. Not linked yet
553 The Crow and the Sheep. The Crow bothered a Sheep who said a Dog would not have stood for the abuse. The Crow pointed out that he picked his targets just for that reason.
554 Socrates and a Worthless Servant. Not linked yet
555 The Harlot and the Young Man. Not linked yet
556 The Butterfly and the Wasp. Not linked yet
557 The Ground-Swallow and the Fox. Not linked yet
558 Two Cocks and a Hawk. Not linked yet
559 The Snail and the Mirror. Not linked yet
560 The Bald Man and the Gardener. Not linked yet

561 The Owl, the Cat, and the Mouse. Not linked yet
562 The Partridge and the Fox. Not linked yet
563 The Lion and the Shepherd. A Shepherd encountered an ailing Lion and took a thorn out of its paw. At a later encounter the Lion remembered the Shepherd and did not kill him.
564 The Gnat and the Bull. Not linked yet
565 The Disdainful Horse. A Horse met an Ass on the road and demanded he move aside. The Ass complied but was delighted later to find the horse lame and abused along the same road.
566 The Bat. He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends. A Bat could not choose sides in a potential war. When peace came, neither side would accept him.
567 The Nightingale and the Hawk. Not linked yet
568 The Envious Fox and the Wolf. A Fox knew a Wolf was holed up and told a Shepherd where the den was. Shepherd killed Wolf and Fox moved into den. Shepherd came back. Bye, bye Fox.
569 The King of the Apes. An Ape king arrayed other apes around him. One traveler said he was a good king with good companions. The other said he was a good Ape. The truth enraged.
570 The Goose and the Stork. Not linked yet

571 The Obliging Horse. The Ass asked the eating Horse for some food. The Horse said to come by the stable later for a full bag of food. The Ass refused as he did not believe him.
572 The Kid and the Wolf. A Goat went to pasture and told her Kid to not open the door without seeing a beard. Wolf asked to come in but Kid could not see a beard and was safe.
573 The Domestic Snake. Not linked yet
574 The Eagle and the Kite. A Kite brags to an Eagle in order to woo the Eagle. The Eagle weds the Kite and then asks the Kite to demonstrate the truth of the tale. It was a lie.
575 The Wethers and the Butcher. Not linked yet
576 The Fowler and the Birds. A Fowler was injured and cried while killing birds. A young bird thought it was pity; an older set him straight.
577 The Crow and the other Birds at Dinner. Not linked yet
578 The Horse, the Lion, and the Goats. Not linked yet
579 The Sword and the Passer-by. Not linked yet
580 The Covetous Man and the Envious Man. Greed and Jealousy in neighbors caused one to be granted twice what the other asked for. One asked for treasure but the other asked that one eye be blinded.

581 The Boy and the Thief. A Thief met a boy by a well who said he lost silver down the well. The Thief undressed and jumped into the well to steal it. Done; boy and clothes gone.
582 The Farmer and his Ox. Not linked yet
583 The Pig without a Heart. Not linked yet
584 The River-fish and the Sea-fish. A river Fish was washed to the sea. He thought himself to good compared with the sea Fish. But, in the long run sea Fish bring more at market.
585 The Sick Lion, the Fox, and the Bear. Not linked yet
586 The Calf and the Stork. Not linked yet
587 The Flea and the Gout. Not linked yet
588 The Hawk and the Doves. Not linked yet
589 The Bird of Saint Martin. Not linked yet
590 The Stork and his Beak. Not linked yet

591 The Toad and his Beautiful Son. Not linked yet
592 The Cat as Monk. Not linked yet
593 The Fox and the Wolf in the Well. Not linked yet
594 Cat, Rat, and Cheese. Not linked yet
595 Isengrim as Monk. Not linked yet
596 The Complaint of the Sheep against the Wolf. Not linked yet
597 The Fox Confesses his Sins to the Cock. Not linked yet
598 Wasp and Spider. Not linked yet
599 The Eagle and the Crow Physician. Not linked yet
600 The Donkey and the Pig. Not linked yet

Perry Index continues (601-700)…

601 The Hen, her Chicks, and the Kites. Not linked yet
602 Dinner at the Lion’s House. Not linked yet
603 The Goose and the Crow. Not linked yet
604 The Kite imitates the Hawk. Not linked yet
605 The Fox with Many Tricks and the Cat with only One. Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon. A cat goes up a tree and gets away while a fox is caught trying to figure out what to do.
606 The Crow and the Dove. Not linked yet
607 The Wolf’s Funeral. Not linked yet
608 The Dirty Dog. Not linked yet
609 Man and Unicorn. Not linked yet
610 The Fox and the Ferryman. Not linked yet

611 Fox and Hens. Not linked yet
612 Falcon and Kite. Not linked yet
613 The Mice take Counsel about the Cat. The mice met in council to figure out how to defeat the Cat. One suggested a bell for the Cat to warn them. Problem: Nobody would volunteer to bell the Cat.
614 The Owl and the Birds. Not linked yet
615 The Mouse in the Wine Jar and the Cat. Not linked yet
616 The Hare contends with the Wolf. Not linked yet
617 The Serpent in a Man’s Bosom. Not linked yet
618 The Ungrateful Man. Not linked yet
619 The Mouse in quest of a Mate. Not linked yet
620 The Stork and the Serpent. Not linked yet

621 The Peacock stripped of his Feathers. Not linked yet
622 The Toad and the Frog. Not linked yet
623 An Athenian Philosopher. Not linked yet
624 The Aged Father and his Cruel Son. Not linked yet
625 The Wolf as Fisherman and the Fox. Not linked yet
626 The Cuckoo and the Eagle. Not linked yet
627 Philomela the Nightingale and the Bowman. Not linked yet
628 The Wolf hearing the Confessions of the Fox and the Ass. Not linked yet
629 The Rustic Invited to Dinner. Not linked yet
630 The Rustic Reared in a Cow Barn. Not linked yet

631 The King of Greece and his Brother. Not linked yet
632 Julian the Apostate and a Demon. Not linked yet
633 The Man Condemned to be Hanged. Not linked yet
634 The Philosopher who spit in the King’s Beard. Not linked yet
635 The Judgments of God revealed by an Angel. Not linked yet
636 The wolf and the Sheep Kissing Each Other. Not linked yet
637 The Tame Asp. Not linked yet
638 The Ass with the Privilege, the Fox and the Wolf. Not linked yet
639 The Eagle and the Rat. Not linked yet
640 The Soldier and the Serpent. Not linked yet

641 The Wolf and the Priest. Not linked yet
642 The Soldier and the Religious Man. Not linked yet
643 The Ape and the Merchant. Not linked yet
644 The Buzzard and the Hawk. Not linked yet
645 The Lion and the Unicorn. Not linked yet
646 The Capon and the Hawk. Not linked yet
647 The Merchant and his Wife. Not linked yet
648 The Vulture and the Eagle. Not linked yet
649 The Stag, the Hedgehog, and the Boar. Not linked yet
650 The Presumptuous Beetle. Not linked yet

651 The Rustic and his Wife. Not linked yet
652 The Cuckoo and the Birds. Not linked yet
653 How a Farmer Sold his Horse. Not linked yet
654 Eagle, Hawk, and Crane. Not linked yet
655 The Wolf doing Penance. Not linked yet
656 Swallow and Sparrows. Not linked yet
657 Cattle hauling out their own Dung. Not linked yet
658 The Hare who wanted Horns. Not linked yet
659 Wolf and Beetle. Not linked yet
660 Thief and Beetle. Not linked yet

661 Wife and Paramour. Not linked yet
662 Thief and Satan. Not linked yet
663 The Dragon’s Deposit. Not linked yet
664 How the hermit tested his Servant. Not linked yet
665 The Farmer who prayed to God for Another Horse. Not linked yet
666 Praying for Himself Only. Not linked yet
667 The Townsman and his Tame Daw. Not linked yet
668 The Three Wishes. Not linked yet
669 The Fox and the Shadow of the Moon. Not linked yet
670 What a Wolf said on seeing a Crow perched on the back of a Sheep. Not linked yet

671 The Fox and the Dove. Not linked yet
672 Eagle, Hawk, and Doves. Not linked yet
673 The Horse and the Grain. Not linked yet
674 Horse and Goat in a Package Deal. Not linked yet
675 Wolf and Hedgehog. Not linked yet
676 The Well-meaning Wolves. Not linked yet
677 The Painter and his Wife. Not linked yet
678 The Deer instructing her Fawn. Not linked yet
679 The Crow and his Young Ones. Not linked yet
680 The Goat and the Wolf. Not linked yet

681 The Contentious Wife. Not linked yet
682 The Contrary Wife. Not linked yet
683 The Whispering Brigands. Not linked yet
684 The Physician, the Rich Man, and his Daughter. Not linked yet
685 The Badger among the Pigs. Not linked yet
686 The Wolf caught in a Trap and the Hedgehog. Not linked yet
687 The Wolf and the Ferryman. Not linked yet
688 The Wolf learning his Letters. Not linked yet
689 The Wolf and the Dove gathering Twigs. Not linked yet
690 A Man in a Boat. Not linked yet

691 The Old Man and his Son. Not linked yet
692 Bishop Cat. Not linked yet
693 The Unlucky Wolf, the Fox, and the Mule. Not linked yet
694 The Little Boar. Not linked yet
695 The He-Goat and the Wolf. Not linked yet
696 The Wolf and the Ass. Not linked yet
697 The Serpent as Adviser. Not linked yet
698 The Wolf as Fisherman. Not linked yet
699 The Wolf’s Misfortunes. Not linked yet
700 Hunter and Ploughman. Not linked yet

Perry Index ends (701-725)…

701 The Dog and the Wolf. Not linked yet
702 The dog in the Manger. People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves. A dog sleeping on hay would not let other animals eat from the hay.
703 Three Sons dividing an Inheritance among Themselves. Not linked yet
704 The Little Fox under the Wolf’s Tutelage. Not linked yet
705 Dog, Wolf, and Ram. Not linked yet
706 Lion’s Son learns about Man. Not linked yet
707 The Knight and his Mendacious Squire. Not linked yet
708 The Ape and the Bear. Not linked yet
709 The Dog and his Slain Master. Not linked yet
710 Dog who rescued a Boy. Not linked yet

711 The Ram and his Baldheaded Master. Not linked yet
712 The Wolf and the Hungry Fox. Not linked yet
713 The Adulterous Stork. Not linked yet
714 The Ram and the Wolf. Not linked yet
715 The Fox and the Sick Ape. Not linked yet
716 The Mouse and her Daughter, the Rooster and the Cat. Not linked yet
717 The Rooster and the Horse. Not linked yet
718 A Generous Fox and a Wolf. Not linked yet
719 The Dog begging a Bone from his Master. Not linked yet
720 The Scarecrow. Not linked yet

721 Father, Son, and Donkey. Not linked yet
722 Teaching an Ass how to Read. Not linked yet
723 The Rustic seeking to Cross a River. Not linked yet
724 The Fly on the Chariot. Not linked yet
725 The Fish jump from the Frying-Pan into the Coals. Not linked yet