The Fowler and The Wolf

A Fowler shot at a Wolf from afar with only bird shot. Wolf got mad. Good-bye Fowler! If you engage in folly you are likely to pay the price.

The Fowler and The Birds

A Fowler was injured and cried while killing birds. A young bird thought it was pity; an older set him straight. Tears don’t always signify pity.

The Thrush and The Fowler

A Thrush, seeking food, stayed too long on a branch as was caught even when it knew better. Men feel worst when they contribute to their own undoing.

The Partridge and The Fowler

The Partridge begged for life from the hunter by saying he would deliver many of his fellows instead. The hunter would have nothing of this betrayal. A traitor undermines the foundations of society.

The Ant and The Dove

A dove about to be caught in a tree was scared away because an ant, seeing the problem, stung the bird catcher who then yelled. Return favors given to you.