The Two Thieves and The Bear

Thieves wanted to steal a Calf in an Ox stall. One went in but was held fast. As dawn came one thief left and the other was caught – being held by a Bear. Be prepared for the unexpected.

The Thief and The Boy

A Thief met a boy by a well who said he lost silver down the well. The Thief undressed and jumped into the well to steal it. Done; boy and clothes gone. Every tale is not to be believed.

The Generous Lion

A Lion was with its kill. A thief demanded half but the Lion made him go away. A traveler, respecting the Lion, left but was called back for a share. Respecting strength can yield rewards.

The Mules and The Robbers

One mule carried treasure proudly; one carried grain. Robbers beset them and noticed the proud mule. They took the treasure and wounded the mule. Other OK. Flaunt wealth and thieves will know you have wealth.

The Thieves and The Cock

Thieves stole a Cock who pleaded for life saying he serviced man by waking him. The thieves thought this all the better reason to kill and eat the bird. The safeguards of virtue are hateful to those with evil intentions.

A BeeMaster

While the BeeMaster was out a thief stole the empty hives. While he was pondering the theft the bees came back and started to sting him. Silly bees. Don’t take your friends for foes.

A Dog and A Thief

A Thief brought meat to calm a guard Dog. The Dog recognized the ploy and told the Thief he would now be a better guard. Be true to your master.

The Thief and The Innkeeper

A Thief hired a room with the idea of stealing something to pay for it. Nothing found. So, instead of stealing, the thief scared the Innkeeper. Every tale is not to be believed.