Mercury and The Sculptor

Mercury visited a Sculptor to see how he was valued. Asking about other statues for value he then asked about his image. Sculptor gave it little value. Don’t overvalue yourself.

Juno, Venus, and the Hen

Venus showed Juno she was no more chaste than other women by asking a hen if she would stop scratching for a barn full of grain. She could not. Even the best are no better than others.

The Peacock

Juno gave the Peacock a large train of feathers as requested. The Peacock was the envy of all until he tried to fly. Ostentation doesn’t fly well. Be careful what you ask for.

The Peacock and Juno

A Peacock wanted to have a nice voice as well as looking pretty. Juno said: “No.” Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.