A Jackdaw and Peacock Feathers

A fine bird is more than fine feathers. A Jackdaw tried to make itself look pretty using peacock feathers. It had to flee when found out. What a rout. A fine bird is more than fine feathers

The Frogs Pick a King

Frogs prayed for a king but got a log. Prayed again and got a stork who started to have a feast on them. People are never satisfied.

Mercury and The Sculptor

Mercury visited a Sculptor to see how he was valued. Asking about other statues for value he then asked about his image. Sculptor gave it little value. Don’t overvalue yourself.

The Congregation of Pious Animals

The animals met to offer acknowledgments to Jupiter for the endowments. Jupiter said it wasn’t needed to recite what he already knew and had given them. The pious should avoid vanity and self-opinion.

The Spectacles

Jupiter gave mankind a gift of spectacles; each a different color and strength. Everybody thought their pair was better than all others. Each has their own best opinion.

Jupiter’s Lottery

Jupiter set up a lottery with Wisdom as prize. Minerva won but people were mad that Jupiter’s daughter won. Jupiter substituted Folly and people were happy. The greatest fools have always looked upon themselves as the wisest men.

Jupiter and The Animals

Jupiter called all the animals together to discuss any changes to looks desired. All spoke of other animals but not themselves. Jupiter sent them all away. Be content and make the best of your lot.

Asses to Jupiter

Asses complained to Jupiter about being overworked. As a joke, Jupiter told them to piss in a river to lighten their load. To today when one pisses all do. Tis madness and folly to appeal to providence and nature.

The Frogs’ Complaint Against The Sun

The Sun wanted to wed. The Frogs complained to Jupiter about how that might further dry up their living area. Watch the actions of your enemy.

The Camel and Jupiter

The Camel complained to Jupiter about his stature relative to other animals. Jupiter was angry at this and that is why now Camels have shorter ears. The Gods will deal with those who do not honor them.