The Lion and The Statue

A Lion sees a statue of Man defeating a Lion and comments that had a Lion carved the statue it would be different. Truth is in the eye of the story teller.

Mercury and The Sculptor

Mercury visited a Sculptor to see how he was valued. Asking about other statues for value he then asked about his image. Sculptor gave it little value. Don’t overvalue yourself.

The Man and The Satyr

A Satyr is confused by a man blowing to both heat and cool and refused to deal with him thinking he was double dealing. Maintain a single position.

The Dog and The Cook

A Dog invited another to the feast. The visiting Dog was found among the food by the cook who threw him out. To save face, visitor said he was drunk. Some respect is due the servant for the sake of the master.

The Placeman and The Husbandman

A Placeman met a Peasant and asked why the Peasant did not flatter to advance. The Peasant asked why not work and get out of the slavery of the mind. Prize only honors which man can neither give nor take away.

The Village Quack

A Village idler decided to play a trick and told people he would show a horseless wheel carriage. They came and paid. He showed a wheel-barrow. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The Man and The Stone

Aesop reported one person at the bath after seeing one man move a Stone others were tripping over. Master found others. Aesop said others were not men. A true man helps others.

The Gardener and His Landlord

A Gardener rented a garden with a destructive Hare. The Landlord came with friends and Dogs to catch the Hare. In trying they destroyed the garden. Ooops. Be careful what you ask for; people helping can cause more grief than the original problem.

The Ploughman and Fortune

A Countryman found treasure and gave thanks to the ground. Fortune came asking why he thanked the ground when Fortune would have been otherwise blamed. Everyone is more or less master of his own fate.

The Man and The Weasel

A Man caught a Weasel who pled for his life based on his catching Mice for the Man. In truth, the Weasel caught mice for his own needs/pleasure. To bad. Some take credit for things they do for themselves.