The Judicious Elephant

A Wolf and Leopard gave Horse their prey to hold. A Fox talked the Horse out of it. An Elephant decided that all three had to claim the prize. Not likely. In doubtful and intricate cases, discrimination and solidity of judgment are required.

The Rat and The Elephant

A Rat was full of itself on the King’s Highway. He chided an Elephant and the King as being inferior. The Royal Cat spied him and no more boasting. A resemblance to the great in some things does not make us great.

The Elephant and The Assembly of Animals

An Elephant spoke of animal vices to an assembly. Some were silent and nodded in agreement. Others who saw themselves in the talk were offended. If words hurt think carefully about the meaning behind them.

The Lion and The Council Of Beasts

A Lion decided to tax his subjects so he did not have to hunt. The Tiger suggested taxing vice. The Elephant suggested taxing virtue. Nobody won. The best tax system is voluntary.

The Lion, Jupiter, and The Elephant

A Lion bemoaned his state to Jupiter who refused to help. The Lion then saw an Elephant who was bothered by a Gnat. The Lion thought better of his state. There is always someone else worse off than you.