The Herdsman and The Lost Bull

A herdsman prayed to find his herd. Found with a lion, the herdsman further prayed for his escape. Be careful what you wish for; your wish may be granted.

The Hare With Many Friends

A Hare had many good weather friends. When trouble was near they all refused to help the Hare who only barely managed to escape on his own. He that has many friends, has no friends.

The Bull and The Calf

A Bull was trying to fit through a narrow passage to his stall when a Calf offers to lead the way. The Bull, being stubborn, said he knew the way. Some people just won’t change.

The Heifer and The Ox

A heifer (or calf) watched an ox pulling a plow and chided him for his hard life versus the others easy life. The ox got the last word. See why here. Be careful how you make fun of anyone.

The Fox and The Sick Lion

A sick lion called others to his cave. Many went in but none came out. Latecomers refused to go in. Smart! The wise learn from misfortunes of others.