The Snail and The Drone

A Drone asked a Snail how it had the patience to journey so slowly. The Snail answered that the Drone leaves no mark of its passing. While alive, live well.

The Snail and The Butterfly

A Butterfly was seen by a Snail who berated it for its color. Butterfly responded he was colored by nature as are others. The Snail was a foil to this. Don’t reject the ornamental when given by nature.

The Rose And The Snail

A Snail pointed out to a Rose that the only thing that destroyed her beauty were the thorns. The Rose got rid of thorns. The Snail then had a nice meal. Don’ let down your defenses.

The Snail And The Statue

A Snail decided to foul a statue of Venus because of the excitation it excited. A Bird assured him that the beauty will out no matter what the Snail did. Art will shine through surface blemishes.