The Boys and The Frogs

Boys playing by a pond began to throw rocks at Frogs, killing several. Frogs cried out they should stop as sport to the Boys was death to the Frogs. Play for one may be death to another.

The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass

A Miller and his Son had an Ass. They tried to change how they moved as they met people along the road. They lost the Ass while trying to please everyone. You can’t please everyone.

The Rope Dance

A Boy was learning to dance on a Rope but objected to the long pole he had to carry. So, he threw it down and quickly followed. Lesson learned! Some must learn the hard way.

The Locusts and The Grasshopper

A Boy looking for Locusts found a Grasshopper who pleaded for his life saying that singing was his life; he could not hurt anyone. Grasshopper got lucky. Sometimes a plea will work.

The Thief and The Boy

A Thief met a boy by a well who said he lost silver down the well. The Thief undressed and jumped into the well to steal it. Done; boy and clothes gone. Every tale is not to be believed.

The Man, The Boy, and The Donkey

A man tries to take the advice of many different people regarding his donkey and ends up with the worst of the deal. Please all, and you will please none.

A Boy and Cockles

Cockles hissed in the fire. A boy theorized they hissed because their house was on fire. Obtain facts before making an opinion.

Two Young Men and A Cook

Two men visited a Cook. The Cook noticed something missing. Both men swore they had not taken it, even though they did. God saw even if the Cook didn’t. You can trick man but not God.

The Mother and The Wolf

A Wolf overheard a mother telling a child if the child wasn’t quiet she would feed him to the wolves. Expecting supper, all the Wolf got was disappointment. Enemies promises were made to be broken.

The Boy Bathing

A Boy was in danger of drowning and asked for help. The bystander berated him for being in the river. Boy asked that he help now and criticize later. Counsel without help is useless.