The Nightingale And The Sparrow

A Nightingale was listening to a Shepherd play in order to learn the notes. A Sparrow chided it. Nightingale replied that nobody should stop learning. You are never too old to learn something new.

The Cuckoo, The Hedge-Sparrow, and The Owl

A lazy Cuckoo let a Hedge-sparrow hatch and rear her young and then complained to an Owl when the young flew off without acknowledging the Cuckoo. Do not expect from others that which you cannot give in return.

The Redbreast and The Sparrow

A singing Robin was chided by a Sparrow at his poor song. Robbin replied that other birds were not around and he was doing his humble best. There will always be a critic no matter how hard you try.

The Cat and The Sparrows

A Cat and Sparrow were friends playing together. Sparrow made an enemy of another and asked Cat to eat them. Cat did and liked so much friend was eaten too. Watch out. True nature will out.

The Sparrow and The Hare

A Sparrow berated a Hare for being caught by an Eagle. Right at that time a Hawk comes and captures the Sparrow. Misery loves company.

The Peasant and The Apple Tree

A Peasant was cutting down an apple tree despite pleas from animals living in it. He stopped when he found a hive with honey. Tree now doing fine! Self-interest alone moves some men.