The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass

A Miller and his Son had an Ass. They tried to change how they moved as they met people along the road. They lost the Ass while trying to please everyone. You can’t please everyone.

The Perplexed Widow

A new Widow is lamenting the loss when a suitor approaches. There is much hand wringing about what to do but temptation wins out. Weak judgment falls before temptation,

The Band, The Bob-Wig, and The Feather

In this poem, a Band, Bob-Wig, and Feather plead with a Woman for her attention. Spoiler alert: The feather wins. The last to argue often wins.

The Farmer’s Wife and The Raven

A Farmer’s Wife was taking a load of eggs to market. A Raven was seen and the horse stumbled crushing the eggs. She blamed the Raven but he said: No. Plan ahead for all contingencies.

The Proud Lady and The Caterpillar

A Lady shakes a Caterpillar from her gown while insulting it. The Caterpillar responds that soon it will be beautiful; she is beautiful only when dressed. Be careful how you insult anyone.

The Shipwrecked Man and The Sea

A man was shipwrecked and blamed the sea for his troubles. The sea responded saying it was not he but the wind that should be blamed. Use care to place your blame on the right person.

A Cunning Woman

A Woman played a witch and divine oracle. When caught and sentenced to die another woman asked why the gods were easier than the judge. Pretend to be something and pay the consequences.

A Woman and Her Two Daughters

A Woman with two daughters buried one, and mourners were provided for the funeral. The other daughter asked about strangers. Woman said they had the money. Professional mourners serve those who pay the most.

A Wife and A Drunken Husband

A drunken Husband was taken to the morgue by his wife. She came back later but the Husband told her to go away unless she had drink for him. It’s hard to give up bad habits.

The Man and His Wife

A hated Wife was sent to relatives as a test. She said the Shepard hated her. The Husband commented that she must also be hated by those with her all day. Make the best of a bad situation.