The Lion and The Mouse

A Lion was caught in a net by freed by a Mouse that had, before, bothered the Lion. They became friends. Everyone has need of the other.

A Horse and A Lion

A Lion wanted a Horse for a meal. He tried taking the part of a doctor at a school. When the Horse showed up he saw through the sham and escaped by kicking. Fooling those trying to fool you is beneficial.

The Lion, The Fox, and The Ass

A lion hunted with others. When it came time to divide the spoils the lion killed those who attempted to divide thing evenly. The fox learned and lived. Happy is the man who learns from the misfortunes of others.

The Herdsman and The Lost Bull

A herdsman prayed to find his herd. Found with a lion, the herdsman further prayed for his escape. Be careful what you wish for; your wish may be granted.

The Lion and The Statue

A Lion sees a statue of Man defeating a Lion and comments that had a Lion carved the statue it would be different. Truth is in the eye of the story teller.

The Ass in The Lion’s Skin

Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool. An ass decides to have fun and dresses as a lion. The ass is found out and beaten. Shame. Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool.

The Ass and The Lion Hunting

An Ass and a Lion hunted together. Ass went into the forest and brayed to scare animals to the Lion. Asked how he did, the Lion was very sarcastic. Don’t think too much of yourself.

The Fox and The Lion

A fox learns how to be comfortable around a lion. Other fables say to take care. Familiarity breeds contempt.

The Eastern Prince And The African

An Eastern Prince was visited by an African with a tame lion. Ask how it got tame, the response was the lion was trained from youth. Parents should exercise care in instructions to children.

The Lion And The Ape

An Ape wanted revenge on an old Lion so at every opportunity Ape confided to the Lion how other felt. Lion was not fooled and Ape met a very nasty fate. Idle rumors may turn out to hurt the rumor monger.