The Lion and The Echo

A Lion was disturbed by another Lion’s voice but was only an Echo of himself. A Fox pointed this out. No more fears. moral

The Lion and The Council Of Beasts

A Lion decided to tax his subjects so he did not have to hunt. The Tiger suggested taxing vice. The Elephant suggested taxing virtue. Nobody won. The best tax system is voluntary.

The Lion and The Snake

A hungry Lion brushed aside a Snake with his paw. The Snake, angered, bit the Lion with deadly venom. Snake pointed out even small enemies can hurt. Any enemy is a bad enemy.

The Lion, The Bear, The Monkey, and The Fox

The Lion summoned many to his den. Bear thought it reeked and was killed for his observation. Monkey said otherwise and was killed. Fox demurred and lived. Watch what you say in the presence of greater power.

The Lion, The Fox, and The Wolf

A sick Lion was attended by Wolf and Fox. Wolf said the Fox had been gone plotting. Fox returned saying he found a cure: the pelt of a Wolf. Bye Wolf. Plot against others and fall into a trap of your own making.

The Lion, and The Asses and Hares

A beast/bird war broke out. Asses and Hares came to the field. The Lion, instead of dismissing them, said the Asses could trumpet and Hares carry letters. Everyone can be of use in war.

The Ass’s Brains

A Lion and Fox hunted together. An Ass was killed for supper. Fox was to guard but got hungry and ate the brain. Lion angry. Fox explained no brain if here. Wit has always an answer ready.

The Generous Lion

A Lion was with its kill. A thief demanded half but the Lion made him go away. A traveler, respecting the Lion, left but was called back for a share. Respecting strength can yield rewards.

The Married Mouse

A mouse married a lion but regrets doing so when the lion steps on the mouse. One may be too ambitious

The Frightened Lion

Imaginary fears are the worst. A frightened lion gets scared by a bullfrog while crossing a swamp. Imaginary fears are the worst.