The Ass and The Lion Hunting

An Ass and a Lion hunted together. Ass went into the forest and brayed to scare animals to the Lion. Asked how he did, the Lion was very sarcastic.

Don’t think too much of yourself.

Aesop For ChildrenAesop For Children (The Lion and The Ass)

Lion and Ass

Milo Winter (1919)

A Lion and an Ass agreed to go hunting together. In their search for game the hunters saw a number of Wild Goats run into a cave, and laid plans to catch them. The Ass was to go into the cave and drive the Goats out, while the Lion would stand at the entrance to strike them down.

The plan worked beautifully. The Ass made such a frightful din in the cave, kicking and braying with all his might, that the Goats came running out in a panic of fear, only to fall victim to the Lion.

The Ass came proudly out of the cave.

“Did you see how I made them run?” he said.

“Yes, indeed,” answered the Lion, “and if I had not known you and your kind I should certainly have run, too.”


The loud-mouthed boaster does not impress nor frighten those who know him.

Taylor RhymesJefferys Taylor (The Conceited Ass)

Taylor - Conceited Ass 0035IN the days of old Aesop, it once came to pass
That a lion saw fit to make friends with an ass;
“For,” said he, “I well know, by myself, he can bray
In such style as to strike all the beasts with dismay.”

“Now you take the rear, I’ll proceed to the van,”
Said the lion; “then make the worst noise that you can;
They’ll be seized with a panic, I have not a doubt,
Which will end in their total dispersion and rout.”

So the ass bray’d a tune which he thought would succeed,
When the cattle made off with incredible speed;
Then the lion fell on them and made them his prey:
“Only think,” said the donkey, “how well I can bray.”

“Well,” said he to the lion, “pray how did it do?”
“Indeed,” said that beast, “Sir, you frightened me too;
And, had I not known it before, I protest,
I, myself, should have run with all speed, like the rest.”

Some folks think their failings for merits will pass,
Though none will think so, I admit, but an ass.

Samuel CroxallSamuel Croxall

Croxall - Ass and Lion HuntingTHE Lion took a fancy to hunt in company with the Ass; and to make him the more useful, gave him instructions to hide himself in a thicket, and then to bray in the most frightful manner that he could possibly contrive. By this means, says he, you will rouse all the beasts within the hearing of you; while I stand at the outlets, and take them as they are making off. This was done; and the stratagem took effect accordingly. The Ass brayed most hideously; and the timorous beasts not knowing what to make of it, began to scour off as fast as they could; when the Lion, who was posted at a proper avenue, seized and devoured them, as he pleased. Having got his belly full, he called out to the Ass, and bid him leave off, telling him, he had done enough. Upon this the lop-eared brute came out of his ambush, and approaching the Lion, asked him, with an air of conceit, how he liked his performance. Prodigiously! says he: you did it so well, that, I protest, had I not known your nature and temper, I might have been frighted myself.


A bragging cowardly fellow may impose upon people that do not know him; but, the greatest jest imaginable to those that do. There are many men, who appear very terrible and big in their manner of expressing themselves, and, if you could be persuaded to take their own word for it, are perfect Lions; who, if one takes the pains to enquire a little into their true nature, are as arrant asses as ever brayed.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

Ass and Lion Hunting

Ernest Griset (1874)

The Lion once took a fancy to Hunting in company with an Ass. He sent the Ass into the forest, and told him to bray there as hard as he could. “By that means,” said he, “you will rouse all the beasts in the forest. I shall stand here, and catch all that fly this way.” The Ass brayed in his most hideous manner; and when the Lion was tired of slaughter, he called to him to come out of the wood. “Did I not do my part well?” asked the conceited beast. “Excellently well,” replied the Lion. “Had I not known that you were nothing-more than an Ass, I should have been frightened myself.”

1001Asinus Animalia Fugans et Leo

Asinus ediverso occurrit leoni, cui sic dicere coepit, “Ascendamus in cacumen montis et ostendam tibi quia et multa animalia me timent.” Leo, ridens aselli verba, “Eamus,” inquit. Cumque venissent ad locum, stans cum fera asellus in edito loco voce summissa clamare coepit. Quem audientes, vulpes et lepores fugere coeperunt. At asellus, “Vide quem timeant.” Cui leo contra sic dixisse fertur, “Poterat et me terrere vox tua, si non scirem asinum te esse.”

Perry #151