The Snail and The Butterfly

A Butterfly was seen by a Snail who berated it for its color. Butterfly responded he was colored by nature as are others. The Snail was a foil to this. Don’t reject the ornamental when given by nature.

The Bee And The Butterflies

One Butterfly landed on top of a leaf, another below. One called the tree green and the other white. A Bee said both were right; top and bottom differ. Get all the facts to avoid arguments.

The Butterfly And The Ant

A Butterfly called to an Ant carrying grain asking why. Ant said to survive the winter. Butterfly said to enjoy life as it’s short for everyone. Enjoy youth; everyone dies.

The Rose and The Butterfly

A Butterfly and Rose were in love. The Butterfly flew to other flowers and the Rose was miffed. Butterfly pointed out the other insects that visited Rose. Do not expect constancy in others if you have none yourself.

The Ant and The Chrysalis

An Ant chided a Chrysalis for not being able to move. Later, a beautiful Butterfly told the Ant he should not boast and then flew away on the wind. Before giving advice to others know all the facts.