The Angler

An Angler played a fish nibbling at bait but missed setting the hook. By accident he hooked a larger fish. Lucky Angler. Sometimes you don’t get what you want but are given a larger portion.

The Fly And The Trout

A Fly was rejoicing while gliding over a stream one summer’s day. Too bad, as the stream had a hungry Trout who had a good meal of the Fly. Going after forbidden fruit may lead to disaster.

The Old Trout, The Young Trout, and The Gudgeon

A young Trout was about to bite on a fly. Mother stopped her with a caution about making certain it would be safe. A Gudgeon bit and was caught. Phew! Don’t rush into things; study them first.

The Angler and The Salmon

A Fisherman hooked a Salmon with light tackle. By carefully playing his prey the Fisherman won. The Salmon was beat by a single hair. Steady wins over violence.

The Fish and The Fishermen

Three fish saw Fishermen coming. One swam away to the river. One played dead and survived. The third was not smart and was caught. If you are clever you can often get yourself out of trouble.

The Cormorant and The Fishes

A Cormorant told fish the pond was to be drained. The fish panicked and asked the Cormorant to help them. He moved them to a pool easier to eat them from. Know your enemy and who to believe.

The River Fish and The Sea Fish

A river Fish was washed to the sea. He thought himself to good compared with the sea Fish. But, in the long run sea Fish bring more at market. Value is what others think of you, not what you think of yourself.

A Fisherman’s Good Luck

A Fisherman had no luck. Just before going home a large fish jumped into his boat making his day. Patience has its own reward.

The Fisherman and The Little Fish

A caught Fish pleads for life but the fisherman says no with no certainty of another. A little thing in hand is worth more than a great thing in prospect.

The Fisherman and His Nets

A fisherman has questionable results but realizes that not all days are good days and hopes for better times. The dawn always follows the night.