The Hungry Cat and The Pigeons

An ill-fed Cat hunted for more food. He found and invaded a dovecote but was caught and hung there by the owner. Master came along with no sympathy. Gluttons procure their own untimely ends.

The Dove and The Crow

A caged Dove boasted to a Crow about all the young. The Crow pointed out to the Dove that having many young is good but it’s better for them to be free. Many children are a great blessing; but a few good ones are a greater.

The Fowler and The Viper

A man walking and concentrating accidentally stepped on a viper which bit him. Concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of others at your own peril.

The Hawk, The Kite, and The Pigeons

A Kite was bothering pigeons so the pigeons asked the hawk to guard them. Bad move as the hawk did more damage than the kite would have. Avoid a remedy that is worse than the disease.

The Thirsty Pigeon

A thirsty Pigeon saw a glass of water on a sign. She flew toward it and slammed it and broke her wing and consequently was caught by one of the bystanders. Act in haste and repent at leisure.