The Hawk and The Farmer

A Hawk, chasing a Pigeon, got caught in a Farmer’s net. The Hawk begged for his life based on no harm to the Farmer. Intended harm to the Pigeon was enough. Evil deserves punishment.

The Sparrow and The Hare

A Sparrow berated a Hare for being caught by an Eagle. Right at that time a Hawk comes and captures the Sparrow. Misery loves company.

The Hawk and The Nightingale

A nightingale gets caught by a hawk and pleas for life because he is such a small bit of a meal. Too bad. Yum, yum. A bird caught is better than more uncaught.

The Hawk, The Kite, and The Pigeons

A Kite was bothering pigeons so the pigeons asked the hawk to guard them. Bad move as the hawk did more damage than the kite would have. Avoid a remedy that is worse than the disease.

The Mouse and The Frog

A Mouse and Frog fought so hard they did not notice a Hawk overhead. The Hawk saw them and swooped down and carried them both off to supper. When fools fight others run away with the prize.