The Fox and The Goat

A Goat and Fox went into a deep well to drink. Neither could get out alone. The Goat was talked into helping the Fox who then left the Goat on his own. Look before you leap.

The Goat And The Fox

A Goat and Fox argued. Goat bet its beard it was right. It was wrong and a Monkey shaved the beard and gave it to the Fox. Have honor and pay your debts.

The Two Goats

Two goats were frolicking on cliffs on two sides of a deep canyon. Each tried to cross to the other side on a narrow log. Stalemate and steep plunge. Sometimes giving way is better than stubbornness.

The Eagle and The Fox

An Eagle and Fox befriended each other. The Eagle, hungry, brought a Fox kit to her young. The Fox was delighted when some hot meat burned the Eagle’s nest. God is the ultimate judge.

The Goat and The Ass

A Goat envied an Ass for the extra food. Goat advised the Ass to fall to get some rest from work. The Ass did but the lungs of a Goat healed him. Oooops! Beware of envy.

The Wolf and The Goat

A Wolf called to a Goat feeding to come to the meadow where there was better food. The Goat saw through the ruse. Smart Goat! Be careful when your enemy invites you.

A Wolf, Kid, and Goat

A Goat went to pasture and told her Kid to not open the door without seeing a beard. Wolf asked to come in but Kid could not see a beard and was safe. A hypocrite can usually be found out.

The She Goats and Their Beards

Female Goats got beards like the males who then complained to Jupiter. Jupiter said the let them be as they were not as strong or courageous as males. It matters little if those who are inferior to us in merit should be like us in outside appearances.

The Hare With Many Friends

A Hare had many good weather friends. When trouble was near they all refused to help the Hare who only barely managed to escape on his own. He that has many friends, has no friends.

The Kid and Wolf

A Kid about to be eaten by a Wolf asked the Wolf to play to tune so he could dance. Wolf complied and hounds heard the music and came to chase the Wolf. Don’t do things that make you forget your original purpose.