The Ship and The Sailors

Sailors on a becalmed Ship threw out ballast to make the Ship faster. A gale arose and with no ballast the Ship and Sailors all perished. Too bad. Don’t act rashly; particularly with no facts on hand.

The Passenger and The Pilot

A Passenger asked a Pilot how his family died. “At sea, and you?” “In bed.” But Pilot was not afraid of the sea or Passenger of bed because of that. One never knows the time or place of death.

The Shipwrecked Man and The Sea

A man was shipwrecked and blamed the sea for his troubles. The sea responded saying it was not he but the wind that should be blamed. Use care to place your blame on the right person.

The Monkey and The Dolphin

Dolphin saved a Monkey from drowning and gave him a ride to Athens. Dolphin questioned Monkey about Athens and was lied to. Monkey got drowned after all. Bragging, lying, and pretending, has cost many a man his life and estate.