The Old Man And Death

An Old Man met Death and asked for a reprieve. Death said no as he had given the Old Man many hints about what was coming to him. Be prepared. One never knows when Death will show up.

The Court of Death

Various causes of death argued their case for the reward of a magic wand. Intemperance won because it was man’s friend which then invited the others in. Evils that befall man usually have a root cause.

Death and Cupid

A tired Cupid sought rest in a cave that belonged to Death. His arrows got mixed with arrows Death uses. This accounts for lovers dying and elders in love. Fate sometimes surprises.

The Old Man and Death

An Old Man was tired of picking up sticks and called on Death to take him. Death arrived and the Old Man asked him to pick up the sticks. Changed his mind. Be careful what you wish for.

The Father and His Sons

A dying father told his sons about a treasure in a field if they only dig for it. They did. Good yield was their treasure. Good counsel is the best legacy.