Minerva and The Owl

Minerva begged her Owl to speak wisely. The Owl demurred but on threat admitted that with world being so depraved it was better to hold his tongue. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.

Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva, and Momus

Momus was asked to judge the labors of other gods. Momus was jealous and so criticized the work of each. Jupiter saw through this and expelled him. Judge honestly or not at all.

A Crow and A Dog

A Crow prayed to Minerva. Dog said that the prayer would not be answered as Minerva disliked crows. The Crow said he would continue to try to befriend. Men turn to religion out of fear or interest instead of affection.

The Trees Under The Protection of The Gods

Each of the gods picked a tree for protection. Minerva, wisest, picked the olive tree on account of its fruit which can be put to good use. Do what is useful.