The Soldier and His Horses

A Soldier who had an excellent horse purchased a second and devoted himself to the second. The first diminished and questioned why. Things change. Nothing stays the same.

The Spanish Cavalier

A Spanish Cavalier lost a duel with a Dutchman and told his second to bury him before he was stripped; but a crowd stripped him. No shirt was all. Curiosity can drive people to do rash things.

The Trooper and His Horse

A Trooper noticed a loose shoe on his Horse but did not take care of it. They were called to war; the horse stumbled; and the enemy slew the soldier. Take care of work as you find it.

The Two Soldiers and The Robber

Two Soldiers were beset by a robber. One ran and the other fought and overcame the robber. The coward came back to claim victory. The other silenced him. Actions speak louder than words.

The Soldier and His Horse

A Soldier cared for his Horse during war. After the war, care was not so much. When war came again, the Soldier had to go alone as the Horse was not fit. Care defines ability.