The Wolf and The Crane

A Crane wanted to get paid for taking a bone from the throat of a Wolf. The Wolf advised caution. When working for a tyrant, feel lucky to escape alive.

The Fox and The Stork

A fox and stork trade suppers in dishes the other has a hard time using. One bad turn deserves another.

The Geese and The Cranes

Geese landed to feed with cranes. When scared, the lighter cranes fled but the geese were caught instead. The more vulnerable need to watch more closely.

The Peacock and The Crane

A Peacock was strutting before a Crane saying how beautiful he was. The Crane pointed out that it could fly with his feathers instead of just strut around. Fine feathers don’t make fine birds.

The Farmer and The Cranes

Cranes invaded a Farmer’s field. He could drive them off with an empty sling for awhile but later had to use rocks. That’s when they learned and left. If words are not enough, action must be taken.

The Farmer and The Stork

A Farmer set nets to catch Cranes which ate seed. A Stork was with the Cranes. The Stork plead for his life. The Farmer said he gets the same punishment. Birds of a feather flock together.