The Milkmaid and Her Pail

A Milkmaid went to market with her pail on her head. She was lost in thought about the profits and what she will do with them and tripped. No more milk. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

The Hen and The Fox

A fox tried hard to get a roosting Hen out of a tree but the Hen new better than to come down to her doom. Good show. Beware of interested friendships.

Juno, Venus, and the Hen

Venus showed Juno she was no more chaste than other women by asking a hen if she would stop scratching for a barn full of grain. She could not. Even the best are no better than others.

The Frog and The Hen

A Frog complained about a Hen cackling over laying an egg. The Hen pointed out she had to bear his croaking over nothing all the time. Don’t demand others be good when you are not good yourself.

The Falcon and The Capon

A Capon pretended not to hear the call of the cook to the kitchen. A watching Falcon said he always answered master’s call. Capon pointed to the difference. Don’t follow others to your peril.

The Hen and The Swallow

A Hen sat on eggs in am abandoned viper’s nest. A Swallow called her out asking why she would be incubating the eggs of a mortal enemy. Good question! A good natured man will often assist his own destruction.

A Woman and Her Hen

A Woman wanted two rather than one egg a day from her Hen. She overfed the Hen which caused the Hen to stop laying eggs entirely. Set bounds to our desires and content ourselves when we are well.

The Goose With The Golden Eggs

A man owned a goose that laid golden eggs and decided to kill it to obtain the source of gold. There wasn’t one. Too bad. Greed often overreaches itself.