The Wolf and The Lamb

Tyrants need no excuse. A Wolf catches a Lamb by a river and argues to justify killing it. Doesn’t matter as the Wolf needs no excuse. Tyrants need no excuse.

A Horse and A Lion

A Lion wanted a Horse for a meal. He tried taking the part of a doctor at a school. When the Horse showed up he saw through the sham and escaped by kicking. Fooling those trying to fool you is beneficial.

The Wolf and The Crane

A Crane wanted to get paid for taking a bone from the throat of a Wolf. The Wolf advised caution. When working for a tyrant, feel lucky to escape alive.

The Lion, The Fox, and The Ass

A lion hunted with others. When it came time to divide the spoils the lion killed those who attempted to divide thing evenly. The fox learned and lived. Happy is the man who learns from the misfortunes of others.

The Dog and The Wolf

A Dog offered to help a Wolf get regular feed from his Master. The Wolf listened but saw a bald spot on Dog’s neck where the collar sat. Goodbye said Wolf. Better starve free than be a fat slave.

The Fowler and The Wolf

A Fowler shot at a Wolf from afar with only bird shot. Wolf got mad. Good-bye Fowler! If you engage in folly you are likely to pay the price.

The Judicious Elephant

A Wolf and Leopard gave Horse their prey to hold. A Fox talked the Horse out of it. An Elephant decided that all three had to claim the prize. Not likely. In doubtful and intricate cases, discrimination and solidity of judgment are required.

The Wolf Grown Old

An old Wolf was chased out of the Pack to be on his own. He happened on some carrion which drew other Wolves who ate the carrion. Too bad. Riches may gain you friends; false friends.

The Farmer and His Three Enemies

A Farmer caught a Wolf, Fox and Hare and heard each story of why they were on the farm. Hare was honest; the other two arrogant. Hare only went free. The truth may set you free.

The Wolf and The Lamb

A young Lamb encountered a Wolf outside the fence. The Wolf sweet-talked the Lamb into joining him for a nice meal of grass. The meal was Lamb instead! There is a reason for fences; don’t stray out of bounds.