The Ass, The Dog, and The Wolf

An Ass was grazing while master slept. Dog wanted its meal; Ass declined. A Wolf came upon the Ass who asked the Dog for help. Help declined. Bye, bye Ass. Give good advice as you may also have to follow it.

The Lamb and The Wolf

A Lamb took refuge from a Wolf in a temple. The Wolf said the Lamb would be sacrificed there to which the Lamb said that would be better than eaten. Better to honor the Gods than fall to your enemy.

The Wolf and The Lion

The Wolf killed a sheep. While carrying it he met a Lion who took the sheep. Wolf complained about the theft but the Lion pointed out the hypocrisy in that. The strong prevail.

The Wolf and The Lion

A Wolf thought himself special because his shadow got longer as the sun set. As the Wolf watched his shadow a Lion pounced on him. Too self absorbed! Overestimating yourself can lead to destruction.

The Lion, Wolf, and Fox

Animals, one by one, told an aging lion the things they had done for him. The Fox, last, told the best story. The first liar doesn’t stand a chance.

The Wolf and The Horse

A wolf met a Horse coming out of a field of oats. Wolf advised Horse to eat the fine oats. Horse was on to the Wolf as oats are not the food of Wolves. Men of evil reputation, when they perform a good deed, fail to get credit for it.

The Blind Man and The Whelp

A blind man was known to identify animals by their young. A whelp of a wolf was presented. He could not say Fox or Wolf but did say to not put with Sheep. Evil tendencies are shown in early life.

The Wolf, The Fox, and The Ape

An Ape sat as judge between a Fox, accused of stealing, and Wolf, the accuser. After the trial, the Ape judged the Wolf lost nothing but the Fox stole it. The dishonest, if they act honestly, get no credit.

The Wolf and The Goat

A Wolf called to a Goat feeding to come to the meadow where there was better food. The Goat saw through the ruse. Smart Goat! Be careful when your enemy invites you.

A Wolf, Kid, and Goat

A Goat went to pasture and told her Kid to not open the door without seeing a beard. Wolf asked to come in but Kid could not see a beard and was safe. A hypocrite can usually be found out.