The Wolf and The Lamb

A young Lamb encountered a Wolf outside the fence. The Wolf sweet-talked the Lamb into joining him for a nice meal of grass. The meal was Lamb instead!

There is a reason for fences; don’t stray out of bounds.

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Wolf and Lamb

Ernest Griset (1874)

A flock of sheep were feeding in a meadow while their dogs were asleep, and their shepherd at a distance, playing on his pipe beneath the shade of a spreading elm. A young, inexperienced Lamb, observing a half-starved Wolf peering through the pales of the enclosure, entered into conversation with him. “Pray, what are you seeking for here?” said the Lamb “I am looking,” replied the Wolf, “for some tender grass; for nothing, you know, is more pleasant than to feed in a fresh pasture, and to slake one’s thirst at a crystal stream, both which I perceive you enjoy within these pales in their utmost perfection. Happy creature,” continued he, “how much I envy your lot, who are in full possession of the utmost I desire; for philosophy has long taught me to be satisfied with a little!” “It seems, then,” returned the Lamb, “those who say you feed on flesh accuse you falsely, since a little grass will easily content you. If this be true, let us for the future live like brethren, and feed together.” So saying, the simple Lamb immediately crept through the fence, and at once became a prey to the pretended philosopher, and a sacrifice to his own inexperience and credulity.