The Snail and The Drone

A Drone asked a Snail how it had the patience to journey so slowly. The Snail answered that the Drone leaves no mark of its passing. While alive, live well.

The Bee And The Butterflies

One Butterfly landed on top of a leaf, another below. One called the tree green and the other white. A Bee said both were right; top and bottom differ. Get all the facts to avoid arguments.

The Ape and The Bee

AnĀ  Ape wanted the honey from a Bee but complained about the sting. The Bee agreed that the sting can be bitter when anger is provoked. Don’t provoke others for your own benefit.

The Gnat And The Bee

A Gnat asked a Bee for charity in return for teaching music. The Bee demurred noting how poor his music had made the Gnat. If you offer something, make it something of value to the other.

The Bee and The Cuckoo

A Bee asked a chanting Cuckoo to cease repetition. The Cuckoo said everything the Bee does is the same. Bee responded that in art monotony must be avoided. In works of taste and amusement, monotony is to be avoided.

The Bee and The Spider

A Bee and Spider argued which was the better artist. The Spider touted its web. The Bee touted its comb. Each argued against the other. Nobody won. The value of art is often estimated by its use.

The Bee and The Fly

A Bee chided a Fly for being by the hive. The Fly responded the Bee should be more forgiving as when mad and stings, the Bee dies. Bee should mellow out. Use your talents wisely.

The Bees, The Drones, and The Wasp

Drones took over a hive. The Bees objected and asked the Wasp to judge the issue. The Wasp asked each side to build a comb. Bees did, Drones not. Bees won. Pretenders will be found out.

The Bear and The Bees

The weakest united may be strong to avenge. A bear seeking honey overlooks the fact that many bees united can make even the largest uncomfortable. The weakest united may be strong to avenge.

A BeeMaster

While the BeeMaster was out a thief stole the empty hives. While he was pondering the theft the bees came back and started to sting him. Silly bees. Don’t take your friends for foes.