The Blind Man and The Lame Man

A Blind Man and Lame Man cooperated to complete a journey. The Blind Man carried the Lame Man who served as the pair’s eyes. Cooperation can be helpful.

The Hermit and The Bear

A Bear guarded a sleeping Hermit from flies except for one which landed on the Hermit’s nose. The Bear killed the fly but also bruised the Hermit’s face. An imprudent friend often does as much mischief as the worst enemy.

The Idler Caught Napping

An Idler, on a hot summer day, took his rest on a seat of pitch. While napping he sunk in and had to be extracted by friends or perish. Don’t be thoughtless in what you do.

The Old Man And Death

An Old Man met Death and asked for a reprieve. Death said no as he had given the Old Man many hints about what was coming to him. Be prepared. One never knows when Death will show up.

The Self-Important

A self-important Man railed at the Birds for pecking at his orchard fruit. The Birds reminded the Man that they were there first. Self-importance is the origin of many vices.

The Perplexed Widow

A new Widow is lamenting the loss when a suitor approaches. There is much hand wringing about what to do but temptation wins out. Weak judgment falls before temptation,

The Imitating Animals

Heaven set forth Man. Animals were imitating his features they did not individually have. Fate set them straight that Man would control all of them. Man was given control over the animals.