The Philosopher and The Parrot

A Philosopher spent all on a talkative Parrot so that the Parrot could teach him things he had never heard from others. Having a free tongue may be more of a hindrance than help.

The Philosopher And The Glow-Worm

A Glow-worm shone; a Philosopher picked it up and it went out but the Philosopher’s talk brought it back. The power to shine belongs to all. Don’t be led astray and you’ll shine for more than a day.

The Philosopher Among The Tombs

A Philosopher noticed multiple skeletons looked the same, no matter the rank of the person. Therefore, true nobility is not physical but in the mind. True nobility is in the mind.

The Philosopher, The Ants, and Mercury

A Philosopher saw a shipwreck. While musing on the fate of the vessel a swarm of Ants approach and one bit him. He stomped on them all. Hypocrite. Act as you profess to believe.