The Partridge and The Fowler

The Partridge begged for life from the hunter by saying he would deliver many of his fellows instead. The hunter would have nothing of this betrayal. A traitor undermines the foundations of society.

The Cocks and The Partridge

A Partridge put in with gamecocks watched them fight and worried for his safety. Not to worry he found out as game cocks fight each other all the time. Some people quarrel just for the sake of quarreling.

The Wasps, Partridges, and The Farmer

Wasps and Partridges asked a Farmer for water and promised doing tasks in return. The Farmer said his Oxen do that work already so he would water them. Charity begins at home, but this does not prevent the further exercise of it.

The Birdcatcher, The Partridge, and The Cock

A bird catcher caught nothing and had to pick between his partridge lure and a rooster. Good bye rooster despite a good argument. Necessity knows no law.