The Cat and The Bat

A Cat prayed to be saved and was so long as no further birds were eaten. A Bat flew by and it took the Cat very little time to call the Bat a mouse. Eaten. If someone wants something badly enough they will find a way.

The Owls, The Bats, and The Sun

Night birds got together in shade and said the Sun was a problem. The Sun overheard but was kind enough to just shine on and not burn them. Hope that a strong enemy does not exert its strength.

The Bat, Birds, and The Beasts

A Bat could not choose sides in a potential war. When peace came, neither side would accept him. He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends.

A Bat, Bramble, and Cormorant

Bat, Bramble, and Cormorant made a trade pact. They set sail together but all was lost at sea. All three now search for their goods in different ways. Any notable misfortune will stick by a man as long as he lives.

A Nightingale and A Bat

A Bat asked a Nightingale singing at night why he did not sing by day. He answered that when he sang by day he was caught so now only sings at night. A wrong reason is worse than no reason.

The Bat and The Weasels

A Bat caught by a Weasel pleaded to live as the Weasel thought he was a bird and wasn’t. Caught again he pleaded as a Mouse. Once more free. It is sometimes wise to turn circumstances.