The Fox and The Cat

Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon. A cat goes up a tree and gets away while a fox is caught trying to figure out what to do. Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon.

The Litigious Cats

Two Cats let a Monkey split stolen cheese. Monkey cut odd pieces and ate the difference trying to make them equal. Monkey ate last small piece as his fee. Justice is in the eye of the beholder.

Belling The Cat

The mice met in council to figure out how to defeat the Cat. One suggested a bell for the Cat to warn them. Problem: Nobody would volunteer to bell the Cat. It is easy to propose impossible remedies.

The Rabbit, The Weasel, and The Cat

A Weasel went into a Rabbit’s home while gone. The Rabbit complained and a Cat said it would judge. They came close and the Cat pounced. The Cat won. The strong are apt to settle questions to their own advantage.

The Monkey and The Cat

A Monkey talked friend Cat into trying to pull chestnuts out of the fire to share. Cat pulled and got burned; Monkey just ate. Cat lost. The flatterer seeks some benefit at your expense.

The Rat and The Elephant

A Rat was full of itself on the King’s Highway. He chided an Elephant and the King as being inferior. The Royal Cat spied him and no more boasting. A resemblance to the great in some things does not make us great.

The Cat and The Bat

A Cat prayed to be saved and was so long as no further birds were eaten. A Bat flew by and it took the Cat very little time to call the Bat a mouse. Eaten. If someone wants something badly enough they will find a way.

The Fox and The Cat

A Cat and Fox were moralizing about how bad killing was. On arrival at their destination a fat Cock and Mouse changed their minds. It is a common habit among men to talk of what is right and good, and to do what is quite the reverse.

The Hungry Cat and The Pigeons

An ill-fed Cat hunted for more food. He found and invaded a dovecote but was caught and hung there by the owner. Master came along with no sympathy. Gluttons procure their own untimely ends.

The Deceived Eagle

An Eagle on the prowl for a meal spied some hair he took for a Hare and swooped down and grabbed it. Too late he found the hair was really a wild Cat. Oopsl Look before you leap.