The Cat and The Sparrows

A Cat and Sparrow were friends playing together. Sparrow made an enemy of another and asked Cat to eat them. Cat did and liked so much friend was eaten too. Watch out. True nature will out.

The Young Mouse, The Cock, and The Cat

A young Mouse described his first trip out. He thought a Cat friendly and a Cock to be a frightening monster. His mother quickly set him straight. Looks can be deceiving.

The Sow and The Cat

A Sow and Cat (Dog) were discussing and comparing litters to no avail. But, the Sow got in the last word. One with the last word has the advantage.

The Cat and Venus

In a test a Cat was turned into a young maiden. She found a young man and were to be wed. At the wedding Venus released a Mouse and the maiden chased it. Nature exceeds nurture.

The Eagle, Cat, and Wild Sow

While living in the same tree, a cat decided to fool the eagle above and sow below. The cat told each the other would attack. Paralyzed with fear they died. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

The Cat and The Mice

A cat came to a house with mice and started to feast. The mice hid and the cat, thinking to fool them, hung itself from a peg as a bag. Didn’t work. Do not put yourself at the mercy of a known enemy.

The Mice and The Weasels

Mice and Weasels were fighting. The Mice picked their bravest to lead and made them generals. Mice fled when Weasels came but generals could not. Too bad. The more honor the more danger.

The Cat and The Birds

The Cat played the part of a doctor and called on ailing birds. The Cat asked how they were and the birds answered they would be better off without the Cat. Know your enemies.

The Cat and The Cock

A Cat caught a Cock for a meal but first asked for excuses as to why it crowed so early. The Cock answered it was to help man. The Cat wasn’t impressed. Tyrants need no excuse.