The Sheep and The Bramble

A Sheep sheltered under a Bramble during a storm and fell asleep. On waking the Sheep found itself snared by the Bramble. Protection and fleece gone! Protection can be fleeting.

A Bat, Bramble, and Cormorant

Bat, Bramble, and Cormorant made a trade pact. They set sail together but all was lost at sea. All three now search for their goods in different ways. Any notable misfortune will stick by a man as long as he lives.

The Fox and The Bramble

A Fox fell into a Bramble and was cut. The Fox cursed the Bramble who them chided the Fox for being so careless as to fall into the Bramble. Sometimes you have to ask your enemies for help.

The Fir Tree and The Bramble

A tree argues with a bramble about status when the lumberjack comes to cut the tree down. Oooops. Better poverty without care, than riches with.