The Eclipse

The Moon was in Eclipse and complained to the Sun. Moon realized the Earth was the problem. Too bad! Some things you have no control over.

The Owls, The Bats, and The Sun

Night birds got together in shade and said the Sun was a problem. The Sun overheard but was kind enough to just shine on and not burn them. Hope that a strong enemy does not exert its strength.

The Clock and The Dial

A Clock bragged to a Sun Dial how it worked day and night. Just then the sun came out and the Sun Dial noted that the Clock was set wrong. Each needs each. We depend on one another.

The Frogs’ Complaint Against The Sun

The Sun wanted to wed. The Frogs complained to Jupiter about how that might further dry up their living area. Watch the actions of your enemy.

The North Wind and The Sun

The wind and the sun bet on which can force a man to remove a coat. The sun wins. Kindness effects more than severity.