The Frogs’ Complaint Against The Sun

The Sun wanted to wed. The Frogs complained to Jupiter about how that might further dry up their living area.

Watch the actions of your enemy.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

Once upon a time, when the Sun announced his intention to take a wife, the Frogs lifted up their voices in clamor to the sky. Jupiter, disturbed by the noise of their croaking, inquired the cause of their complaint. One of them said, “The Sun, now while he is single, parches up the marsh, and compels us to die miserably in our arid homes. What will be our future condition if he should beget other suns?’

1001Ranae et Sol

Ranae laetabantur cum nuntiatum esset Solem uxorem duxisse. Sed una, ceteris prudentior, “O vos stolidos,” inquit, “nonne meministis quantopere vos saepe unius Solis aestus excruciet? Quid igitur fiet, cum liberos etiam procreaverit?”

Perry #314