The Horse and The Hog

A Hog derides a Horse on the way to battle because of his desire to die. The Horse says it’s better to die in battle than to just wait for the butcher. Die a gallant death.

The Sow and The Cat

A Sow and Cat (Dog) were discussing and comparing litters to no avail. But, the Sow got in the last word. One with the last word has the advantage.

A Sow and A Dog

A Sow and Dog argued. The Sow swore by Venus she would disembowel the Dog if he did not mend ways. Dog said few ate pork; Sow said nobody ate Dog. When you can’t argue, confound.

A Wolf and A Sow

A Wolf came to a Sow and offered to baby sit. “Thank you but no thank you,” said the Sow. An enemy is most dangerous when offering you help.

The Buffoon and The Countryman

A Buffoon entertained with animal sounds. A Man said he could imitate a pig better. On stage the audience reviled his performance until he showed the pig. Men often applaud an imitation and hiss the real thing.

The Eagle, Cat, and Wild Sow

While living in the same tree, a cat decided to fool the eagle above and sow below. The cat told each the other would attack. Paralyzed with fear they died. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

The Wild Boar and The Fox

A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks. A Fox asked why. The Boar said that it would be foolish to not be ready and have to sharpen them when needed. Be prepared.

The Pig, Sheep, and The Goat

A Pig lived with a Goat and Sheep. The Master laid hold of him and he resisted. Sheep and Goat complained at the noise. Pig said his life was at stake. Sometimes complaining is justified.