The Ass and The Lapdog

An Ass sees a lap Dog fawned over and decides to sit on the master’s lap like the Dog. Bad move as the Ass quickly finds out. Clumsy jesting is no joke.

The Lark and Her Young Ones

A Lark’s young ones wanted to know when to leave the field they were in. The mother said when the owner hires workers instead of trying to do it himself. Self-help is the best help.

The Farmer And The Rat

A Rat and Farmer were discussing a large harvest of grain. The Farmer was bragging; the Rat said much would go to waste and should be given out. Share and share alike.

The Farmer and His Dog

A Farmer came home to his child’s cradle overturned; the Dog near and bloody. Farmer killed the Dog then found live child a dead Snake under the cradle. Acting in blind rage is dangerous.

The Farmer and His Three Enemies

A Farmer caught a Wolf, Fox and Hare and heard each story of why they were on the farm. Hare was honest; the other two arrogant. Hare only went free. The truth may set you free.

The Partial Judge

A Farmer asks a judge about proper recompense for an accident against the Farmer. The Lawyer gives a fair answer; Farmer reverses conditions. Unfair now! Even the best judges have a self-interest you must watch out for.

The Colt and The Farmer

A well-bred Colt wasted his youth and fell into bad times. A Farmer took him in and nursed him to health and then used the racer for more menial tasks. Doing your own thing may not be the thing to do.

The Hawk and The Farmer

A Hawk, chasing a Pigeon, got caught in a Farmer’s net. The Hawk begged for his life based on no harm to the Farmer. Intended harm to the Pigeon was enough. Evil deserves punishment.

The Wasps, Partridges, and The Farmer

Wasps and Partridges asked a Farmer for water and promised doing tasks in return. The Farmer said his Oxen do that work already so he would water them. Charity begins at home, but this does not prevent the further exercise of it.

An Old Tree Transplanted

Apples from an Old Tree were gifted to a landlord. The landlord liked them so much he had the Tree transplanted closer to him. This killed the Tree. Shame! Greed often results in calamity.