The Litigious Cats

Two Cats let a Monkey split stolen cheese. Monkey cut odd pieces and ate the difference trying to make them equal. Monkey ate last small piece as his fee. Justice is in the eye of the beholder.

The Lion And The Ape

An Ape wanted revenge on an old Lion so at every opportunity Ape confided to the Lion how other felt. Lion was not fooled and Ape met a very nasty fate. Idle rumors may turn out to hurt the rumor monger.

The Monkey and The Cat

A Monkey talked friend Cat into trying to pull chestnuts out of the fire to share. Cat pulled and got burned; Monkey just ate. Cat lost. The flatterer seeks some benefit at your expense.

The Ape and The Bee

AnĀ  Ape wanted the honey from a Bee but complained about the sting. The Bee agreed that the sting can be bitter when anger is provoked. Don’t provoke others for your own benefit.

The Ape And The Carpenter

An Ape watched a Carpenter split wood with wedges but learned nothing as he pulled a wedge out, the wood closed, and he was trapped. Too bad Ape. Know what you are doing when trying something new.

The Lion, The Bear, The Monkey, and The Fox

The Lion summoned many to his den. Bear thought it reeked and was killed for his observation. Monkey said otherwise and was killed. Fox demurred and lived. Watch what you say in the presence of greater power.

The Monkey Who Had Seen The World

A Monkey with airs due to his association with humans went back to the forest and tried to show off for his companions there. Not a good idea! Don’t put on airs.

The Ape and her Two Young Ones

An Ape had two babies. She lavished care on one and largely ignored the other. The ignored baby learned more about survival and did better in the world. Sometimes it’s better to be an enemy rather than a friend.

The Wolf, The Fox, and The Ape

An Ape sat as judge between a Fox, accused of stealing, and Wolf, the accuser. After the trial, the Ape judged the Wolf lost nothing but the Fox stole it. The dishonest, if they act honestly, get no credit.

An Ass, An Ape, and A Mole

An Ass and an Ape were complaining about what they did not have. A Mole pointed out that their complaint was minor compared with his lack of sight. Be thankful for what nature has given you.