The Bear and The Two Travelers

Two Travelers agreed to guard each other. A Bear rushed at both and one climbed a tree; the other played dead and the Bear told him to not trust the other. Never trust a friend who leaves you when trouble approaches.

The Hermit and The Bear

A Bear guarded a sleeping Hermit from flies except for one which landed on the Hermit’s nose. The Bear killed the fly but also bruised the Hermit’s face. An imprudent friend often does as much mischief as the worst enemy.

The Bear and The Fowls

A Siberian Bear came to a farm where Fowls were drinking; throwing their heads back. They said it was religious. Bear laughed. Fowls chided non-belief. Do not mock what you don’t know about.

The Two Thieves and The Bear

Thieves wanted to steal a Calf in an Ox stall. One went in but was held fast. As dawn came one thief left and the other was caught – being held by a Bear. Be prepared for the unexpected.

The Lion, The Bear, The Monkey, and The Fox

The Lion summoned many to his den. Bear thought it reeked and was killed for his observation. Monkey said otherwise and was killed. Fox demurred and lived. Watch what you say in the presence of greater power.

The Bear and The Bees

The weakest united may be strong to avenge. A bear seeking honey overlooks the fact that many bees united can make even the largest uncomfortable. The weakest united may be strong to avenge.

A Lion and A Bear

A Lion battled a Bear (or Tiger) for a killed Fawn. When both were too tired to move a Fox came and made off with the prey. Too bad; should have shared. Sometimes one man toils while another profits.

The Bear and The Fox

A Bear bragged about how kind he was; he would not touch a man’s dead body. A Fox told him it would be better if he ate the dead instead of the living! One is known by deeds, not by words.