The Locusts and The Grasshopper

A Boy looking for Locusts found a Grasshopper who pleaded for his life saying that singing was his life; he could not hurt anyone. Grasshopper got lucky. Sometimes a plea will work.

The Peasant and The Apple Tree

A Peasant was cutting down an apple tree despite pleas from animals living in it. He stopped when he found a hive with honey. Tree now doing fine! Self-interest alone moves some men.

The Grasshopper and The Owl

A Grasshopper bothered an Owl trying to sleep. The more the Owl complained the louder the Grasshopper became. Owl solved the problem; Grasshopper eaten. Don’t be unreasonable against greater force.

The Ant and The Grasshopper

A Grasshopper frolicked while an Ant stored food for the winter. When winter came the Ant was comfortable; the Grasshopper not so. Prepare for the future.

The Ass and The Grasshopper

An Ass liked the melody of a Grasshopper. The Ass asked about food thinking it gave the song. Dew was the answer. Ass ate nothing but and died of hunger. Don’t ignore your own needs.