The Fox and The Crow

A crow has cheese a fox wants. The fox asks the crow to sing. It does and drops the cheese. Do not trust flatterers.

The Farmer’s Wife and The Raven

A Farmer’s Wife was taking a load of eggs to market. A Raven was seen and the horse stumbled crushing the eggs. She blamed the Raven but he said: No. Plan ahead for all contingencies.

Hodge and The Raven

A Raven thought its brood safe after a storm abated. No so, as a neighbor came by in the sun and stole the eggs. So, Ravens can’t really predict events. You never know when tragedy will strike.

A Fowler and A Blackbird

A Fowler was building a net. A Blackbird asked and the Fowler said it was a city. The Blackbird took the bait and was caught. Just too gullible. There is no glory in tricking those easy to trick.

The Crow and The Raven

The Crow was jealous of the Raven who’s cry was taken as an omen. Crow tried to mimic the Raven but travelers saw through the ploy and ignored the Crow. Those who assume a character which does not belong to them, only make themselves ridiculous.

The Raven and The Swan

A Raven desired a Swan’s white feathers. He thought the color was due to the water so he went to live in the lake. Not water, and going hungry, he perished. Change of habit cannot alter nature.