The Nightingale And The Sparrow

A Nightingale was listening to a Shepherd play in order to learn the notes. A Sparrow chided it. Nightingale replied that nobody should stop learning. You are never too old to learn something new.

The Nightingale and His Cage

A Nightingale rued being caged. He got free but then found that the outside world was a miserable place to one not raised there. Realization was his death. It’s not always greener on the other side of the fence.

The Owl and The Nightingale

An Owl resided in a library and mistook gravity for wisdom. A Nightingale sang to the Owl’s displeasure. Nightingale chided Owl as learned but not wise. One can be learned but not wise.

The Laborer and The Nightingale

A Nightingale was caught and caged then asked to sing. He refused but said on release three secrets would be told. The three all said to keep what you have. Keep what you have.

A Nightingale and A Bat

A Bat asked a Nightingale singing at night why he did not sing by day. He answered that when he sang by day he was caught so now only sings at night. A wrong reason is worse than no reason.

The Hawk and The Nightingale

A nightingale gets caught by a hawk and pleas for life because he is such a small bit of a meal. Too bad. Yum, yum. A bird caught is better than more uncaught.