The Camel and Jupiter

The Camel complained to Jupiter about his stature relative to other animals. Jupiter was angry at this and that is why now Camels have shorter ears. The Gods will deal with those who do not honor them.

The Monkey and The Camel

Camel saw how well the Monkey’s performance was received that Camel decided to get up and copy it. Silly Camel did so poorly he was run off. It is absurd to ape our betters.

The Camel and The Arab

A Camel was asked if he preferred to go up-hill or down-hill. The Camel asked back if the flat way through the desert was closed? Wise Camel. Foresake the hard when an easier way is available.

The Camel

First scared by the sight of a Camel, a Man eventually became so comfortable around the Camel he allowed a child to ride him. Use serves to overcome dread.