A Jackdaw and Peacock Feathers

A fine bird is more than fine feathers. A Jackdaw tried to make itself look pretty using peacock feathers. It had to flee when found out. What a rout. A fine bird is more than fine feathers

The Fox and The Crow

A crow has cheese a fox wants. The fox asks the crow to sing. It does and drops the cheese. Do not trust flatterers.

The Crow and The Pitcher

A thirsty crow wanted water from a pitcher. He filled it with pebbles to raise the water level to drink. Clever! Necessity is the mother of invention.

The Eagle and The Daw

A Daw saw an eagle carry off a sheep and tried the same trick. The daw could not do it and got caught. Ouch. Don’t take on more than you can accomplish.

The Eagle and The Jackdaw

An Eagle was bothered by a Daw who made up attributes to praise the Eagle in order to curry favor. Didn’t work. Eagle saw through it and kicked the Daw out. False praise leads to disaster.

The Eagle, The Jackdaw, and The Magpie

A Jackdaw and Magpie vied for importance at the Eagle’s court. Asked which took precedence, the Eagle said that the greater fool would be. Only fools try to be self-important.

The Travellers and The Crow

A one-eyed Crow flew in front of two travelers and was taken to be a bad omen by one. The other pointed out the Crow could not even foretell his own future. Fortune tellers have to be able to tell their own fortunes.

The Crow and The Sheep

The Crow bothered a Sheep who said a Dog would not have stood for the abuse. The Crow pointed out that he picked his targets just for that reason. Pick your enemies.

The Dove and The Crow

A caged Dove boasted to a Crow about all the young. The Crow pointed out to the Dove that having many young is good but it’s better for them to be free. Many children are a great blessing; but a few good ones are a greater.

The Crow and Mercury

A Crow was caught but released by Apollo on promise of an offering. The offering was never made so when the Crow as again captured no other god helped. Lie once and you may not be believed later.