A Galled Ass and A Raven

An Ass with an open sore had a Raven pick at the sore. The groom laughed. A passing Wolf noted if he had done that, he would be killed. Injustice!!! Not everyone is treated alike.

A Crow and A Dog

A Crow prayed to Minerva. Dog said that the prayer would not be answered as Minerva disliked crows. The Crow said he would continue to try to befriend. Men turn to religion out of fear or interest instead of affection.

A Crow and A Mussel

One Crow advised another that to open a Mussel he would have to fly high and drop the Mussel. The first Crow did so and the other flew off with the food. Most people are kind to their neighbors for their own sake.

The Crow and The Serpent

A hungry Crow flew down and grabbed a Serpent who looked dead but was alive and turned and bit him with a fatal bite. Bye, bye Crow. Desire things you don’t understand and you accept the consequences.

The Jackdaw and The Fox

Don’t deceive yourself. A Fox sees a jackdaw waiting for food from a tree with early fruit on it. The Fox tells the daw it is waiting in vain. Don’t deceive yourself.

A Jackdaw and Pigeons

A Jackdaw tries to be two things but fails at both. Too bad. He that trims between two interests, loses him with both, but is true to neither.

The Crow and The Raven

The Crow was jealous of the Raven who’s cry was taken as an omen. Crow tried to mimic the Raven but travelers saw through the ploy and ignored the Crow. Those who assume a character which does not belong to them, only make themselves ridiculous.

A Daw With A String at Its Foot

The mind is responsible for our happiness. A daw has to choose between life in the wild and a life in captivity. Tough choice? The mind is responsible for our happiness.

The Lion and The Boar

A Lion and Boar fought over water on a hot day. During a break in the fight they saw Vultures waiting for the loser. Instantly, the battle was over. Better to be friends than fight.

The Swallow and The Crow

The Swallow and Crow argued about their plumage. The Crow said Swallow’s feathers are all good in the spring, but his protects him against the winter. The best of two equals lasts longest.