A Crow and A Dog

A Crow prayed to Minerva. Dog said that the prayer would not be answered as Minerva disliked crows. The Crow said he would continue to try to befriend.

Men turn to religion out of fear or interest instead of affection.

L'Estrange VersionL’Estrange version

A crow invited a dog to joyn in a sacrifice to Minerva. That will be to no purpose (says the dog) for the goddess has such an aversion to ye, that you are particularly excluded out of all auguries. Ay, says the crow, but I’ll sacrifice the rather to her for that, to try if I can make her my friend.


We find it in the practice of the world, that men take up religion more for fear, reputation, and interest, then for true affection.

1001Cornix et Canis

Cum cornix Minervae sacrificaret, canem ad epulum invitavit. At ille “Quid frustra,” inquit, “haec in sacrificium absumis? Dea enim adeo te odit ut tibi uni, ex tui generis avibus, augurii fidem detraxerit.” Cui cornix “Idcirco,” ait, “magis illi sacrifico, ut mihi tandem reconcilietur.”

Perry #127